I'm into DDLG [What's wrong with that?]

For those who don't know, DDLG stands for "daddy dom little girl". The term is used as a fetish, more than a preference. I am what's called a Little in the DDLG world, or a person who is into ageplay. I've only recently gotten into this fetish (within the past 5 months) and discovered that my headspace is about 7 years old.

Unfortunately, most people think that this is something linked to pedophilia. So not many people are interested in opening themselves up to it. My two past boyfriends refused to indulge me or take care of me like a 7 year old. So I broke up with them. I've been single now for 8 months but I don't regret it.

I want to dress up in children's clothes. I want a pacifier, a blanket, stuffed animals, and children's coloring books. I want a man who will hug me on the couch while Disney is playing on the television. I want that man to feed and take care of me, and treat me like I am important.

And when I'm out of little space, or when I'm not acting like a child, my man can f*** me however he wants. I'm not interested in having s** while I'm in children's clothes, or when I'm in little space. Because that part of me is innocent, and should always stay innocent. But when I'm myself, my 19 year old self, he can ravage me like an animal.

So what's wrong with that? Is it really that weird that I like to dress up as a kid, talk like a kid, and be my true self? I'm still an adult who contributes to society. I have a job and family members (albeit they have no idea of my fetish). So why can't I find someone who understands that I want is to be loved? It seems like all the guys I meet either want to f*** me and show me off, or keep me a secret and ignore my needs. I feel so depressed thinking of that. It's sad.

Mar 27, 2020

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  • As long as you're not harming anyone then whats the harm. I hope you find the right guy

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