Should I break up with my boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend of 12 months, I've been happy most of the time and I used to be able to say I was really in love with him, were sexually compatible too, and he's my best friend. However, in the past month or so I've seen a side of him that's been hard for me to deal with. I learned he has severe anxiety and attachment issues, which of course I want to support him through, but there's a few issues. He's called me selfish and mean and neglectful for leaving for half an hour to do work, or he's had a panic attack because I had to feed my cats and take a break from talking to him. My depression has been worsening and every day I feel like I'm guilted for something new. I want to be there for him but every day has become exhausting and at this rate I feel like I'm sacrificing my own mental health for his. I'm not trying to sound self absorbed, I understand he's in pain and it's my fault he gets upset by leaving, but it's so hard to keep going like this. I've tried setting boundaries but nothing works he just brings up how I don't pay enough attention to him. I know I've been complaining but other than his attachment issues he's amazing, I just don't feel the spark I used to because we never have our old fun conversations anymore. I love everything else about him and I don't want to lose my best friend and I know he'll be devastated if I leave though. Should I break up with him or am I overreacting?

Feb 8, 2021

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  • I'm so deeply sorry for making you feel this way, I love you so much and I really want to do better by you, and I have been trying, though some of this isn't entirely true, I know what is, and I am really sorry for it. it's not okay the way I've been treating you and I want you to know that we were meant to be, and I'll do anything to make you happy, so please, next time I f*** up like this, tell me straight to my face, because I shouldn't treat you so badly, you deserve the world baby, I love you so much.

  • You cant be there fir him 24/7 and its unfair of him to guilt you about. You need to tell him that he needs to be understanding of you and not just the other way around. If you cant have mutual respect. It needs to end.

  • Whoever you are, I'm going to take your advice to heart, even if it's a little assertive, thank you, I needed to see this.

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