Passing the Time

I am a sissy who is home alone like many of you are for the next few weeks during this lock down. i am looking for some ideas that i can use to punish and humiliate myself to give me something to do and to amuse others. Please let me know if you have any ideas. i can post things as i do them.

Mar 30, 2020

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  • Stick a d**** in your ass and take it out and suck it.

  • Wipe toothpaste over your b**** and d***. You might have to try a few brands to find one that really hurts.

  • Corsett

  • Wrap yourself in plastic under your clothes.

    Wear a butt plug all day

  • Clothes pegs on nipples

  • Clothes pegs are the best on nipples. The pain is wonderful.

  • Mid teen years, I used to punish myself for my sexual thinking.

    At one point my mom had bought me some nylon undies. I doubt she realised that they felt really good to wear. Smooth. A bit like swimming costume. So I put them on and loved the smoothness and got turned on and masturbated. After I came I immediately felt guilty. However also I found that the head of my p**** was rubbed raw and was painful. So from then on I actually used these undies to help me abstain. I would run myself in them until my p**** was raw but not c** and then for the next few days it was too sore to climax.

    I then got really on board with using rough material to compensate for my weaknesses. I tried all sorts of things. Stuff like those green kitchen scourers. I recalled reading about punishment in the middle ages and punishing people by having them wear clothes made of horse hair. So I tried getting horse hair and shoving it in my undies.

  • I love wanking in nylon knickers

  • Put some nice frilly pink knickers on and sit on mycock

  • I would love to do that because frilly panties are like the best! My mom even buys um for me.

  • I'd like to find if one of those Bluetooth padlocks could be programmed to open at a certain time. Then tie myself up where the padlock like handcuffs me and maybe a few hours later it releases me.

  • If you really want to punish yourself try watching re-runs of this year's Democratic presidential candidate debates.

  • Get some help idiot

  • Look up Tack bra.

  • This is what I do to humiliate my self. I dress in my full woman's clothes and look at myself in a mirror and stroking like mad telling myself I am so filthy and a perv. Makes me cu m so much. What do you do?

  • I have just spent all night peeing in my bed. Put plastic down to make sure I get totally soaked. All this while wearing my bra nightie and nappy. Sitting here now soaked stinky and happy. I need to be humiliated and spanked whilst being told what a dirty disgusting cockhungry sissy boy I am.

  • First deliberately peed my bed as kid. I used to wet when younger and had a plastic protector. One day I was busting to go but it was freezing and I just peed. For a bit it was so nice then I felt such guilt. After I had gotten over the embarrassment with mom, I just started doing it.

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