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I'm fourteen. I'm an opinionated person, extremely so. I support LGBTQ rights and consider myself heteroflexible in a community of persons who all hate any gay person. I'm want to come out but I'm scared. My best friend is a jehova's witness and I'm not a religious person. Whilst i believe in God, I don't live my life strictly by the bible and it causes a rifle in our friendship. I'm into BDSM, and I want to be a slave sooo bad it hurts, but no one gets that, they all think it's weird or strange or that I'm a freak. I want to be a writer but I've been in eternal writers block for months now. I have brilliant ideas and I can plan out an entire novel with original and perfect ideas and I even have a few ideas for tv shows, but to actually write the novel I never get it right.

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  • U are interesting u need short skirt low neck strong perfume ul go places

  • I'm a 50 yo male. Personally don't care whether you are hetroflexible or whatever. The sad thing is that I do not feel that one can even have a discussion about it. The LGBTetc people condem any one who says anything against what they believe.

  • You don't sound 14 to me either. Who do you do Bdsm with? If you are telling the truth about your age then you are way ahead of most kids your age.

    By the way don't listen to anything the Jehovah Witness friend of your has to say. Jehovah Witnesses allow their children to die rather than allow them to have a blood transfusion. I'd get another best friend if I were you.

  • I'm a Jehovah's Witness and some allow transfusions, some don't. Even before I joined the religion I didn't believe in transfusions because it just seems gross to me. Just because you agree with something and they don't finest mean you should judge them. Stop being so intolerant. To OP I have many friends that are into an alternative lifestyle and we get along just fine. It's all about how respectful you all are to the other person and their beliefs/choices. Maybe you and your best friend should sit down and have a discussion about it.

  • *doesn't

  • Bdsm I doubt ur 14

  • Same person who wrote the post- I'm not practicing it! I'd never do that, atleast not while so young. I'm just learning as much as I can, like reading blogs and websites and such with persons who really do practice it. I'm still a virgin, but I probably do know more about s** than most persons my age (i really am fourteen)

  • Ur 14 u don't know enough of anything to have major opinions lol

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