Thoughts on taking over the Milkyway

I have a mind of a supervillain. I have this eternal urge to be an invisible dark force in everyone's life. I don't want fame or wealth. I want to be the obscure devil that no one sees but he sees everyone. I want the ultimate control over the universe... I want people to fear my invisible hand before they make a decision.

I have felt this way since I was a teenager. This urge is my only motivation to do something with my life. I have tried many different ideas for controlling people. Some ideas worked well on a small scale. I ruined few lives which I didn't really want to, but I had to do it because otherwise people forget that there is a devil pulling their strings. Perhaps I should have been more careful. I need to create something more manageable before I start again. There are 7.4 billion humans that I need to manage. And then maybe some aliens.

Plase suggest some ideas how can I do it.

May 3, 2020

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  • None of you are God. Accept that

  • I'm kind of like that, except I want to be kind of a dark HERO. The shadow of a raging storm, that legend that's whispered about-- the boss was always an a******, until one day he was chopped up and had the parts run through his own shredder-- there was only one guy who could have done it-- and he's never been found. Abusive parents are beaten, maimed, tortured, even killed. an innocent child's life is saved-- but his favorite teacher is strangely never seen again. Years later the kid gets a single mysterious postcard signed in the teacher's name. Like, I wish I was THAT type of... I dunno, not a "character", as I'd be the real thing-- but it isn't quite a "type" of ANYTHING, so I don't know what to call it. You get what I mean though, I'm sure.

  • I hear that electro shock therapy and lobotomies work wonders on such things. Give it a shot. I say this because you are too dumb to accomplish anything beyond writing this confession. You don’t even know what you are saying when you mention the Milky Way.

  • You are very insecure and your insecurity manifests itself as a need to control others. This probably stems from your childhood where you were exposed to negative situations where you felt you had no control. Instead of analyzing your trauma and properly placing blame onto the individuals responsible for putting you into those situations, you subconsciously decided to exhibit your unresolved insecurity through megalomaniac fantasies. Why do you not properly place blame onto those individuals? Probably because they are your parents and/or guardians and you are afraid or ashamed to do so. Until you can properly rationalize and resolve your trauma without fear or shame, you will be affected by this for the rest of your life.

  • You are trying to psychoanalyze and psycho-control me, like the rest of the society does when they think someone doesn't fit the bill for "right kind of human". I had a very nice childhood. I love my parents. I don't despise any individual person. My need to control manifests as a response to the collective manic behavior of society. Some people already control your life, would it be so bad if I controlled it instead?
    If you are wondering which lives I have already ruined... They were the people trying to control others by projecting their megalomaniac fantasies on them. I, as an obscure devil, punish those people. I am not a villain, I am a supervillain. I have only one rule: Be free and let others be free, otherwise, I am watching you.

  • LOL ! Be free, and let others be free, but, leave ALL of the control to ME ! Really mixed-up aren't you, son ? Here's a suggestion, quit self-medicating on recreational drugs and let a medical professional "control" you for awhile ! Oh, and btw, we're ALL watching you !

  • Obviously not a supervillain just a superclown.

  • First take Manhattan, then take Berlin.

  • Nah. Start with something easy. Start with France.

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