This happened a few years ago.
I met my wife shortly after I was discharged and she was young and already had a son.

.....she ten pregnant in High School and was washing he clothes at a laundromat when I came in and it was late when U came in to do my clothes and we talked then I asked her for a date and we had s** that first time.
I was a h**** little guy and we f***** every chance we had until she became pregnant so we married and we were both insatiable and couldn't keep our hands off one another and she was game for anything sexual that I suggested and she even let a dog lick her to o***** one time when I asked her to and we tried to get him to f*** her but he did not seam to understand what we wanted and he tried and once he got his c*** in her but he still couldn't figure out what to do so we forgot about it.

he first time I asked her to let another guy f*** her while I watched she got real excited and agreed o we talked it over and I wanted to watch her but I did not want some guy knowing I was watching so We decided to let her pick up a guy in a bar and bring him home while I hid in the walk in closet and watched.

I dropped her off and I waited outside for a few minutes then I went in and she was sitting at the bar and already talking to an older guy the was trying to look down her louse and I got real excited until he took her out on the dance floor and she was letting hm rest his hands on her ass and looking up at him and talking and laughing and for the first time I became insanely jealous and I wanted to grab her and take her home but at the same time I had this rock hard erection.

I went outside and walked around to cool off determined to see this through but when I went back inside she was in his arms to a slow dance and they were kissing.
She was only 18 and this guy was at least in his 50,s and again I wanted to get her out of here but it was also very exciting watching him cup her tight buns with his hands and pull her up against his body and I was sure that she could feel his c*** against her body.
Time passed with me undecided on what to do until she had to pass me by on her way to the ladies room and she whispered we are going as soon as this next dance is over with as she passed.
I sat there in shock for a few seconds then I exploded in action dashing out to my car and obeying the traffic laws as I drove home not wanting to be stopped and having the beat me there.
I hurried down the hall making sure that everything was in place we had put a chair in the closet and some bottled water in there for me and I had checked to see if the sliding door was quiet .

I went back into the living room and watched the street with all the lights turne off and it was very son when I saw the lights pull up in front of our house and he was a gentleman opening her door for her thn he pulled her close and kissed her again but this time all bets were off I just wanted to watch him f*** her.
I hurried sown the hall and stepped into the closet and we had hung a mirror on the other side of the bed so I could get a view from either side.

I heard them walking down the hall and he was asking if she was sure that I was not going to walk in on them and assured him that I wouldn't be home before 2:AM and that left them with over an hour to get it on.

He pulled her close yo him again and they kissed as he pushed her blouse and bra up around her neck and he began to maul her t*** with is hands then he pushed her back on the bed and dropped his pants down and Diane moved back on the bed as he kicked his shoes off and one leg of his pants and I could see his hard c*** and I felt good seeing that it was about th same size as mine but he had huge b****

Diane had removed her panty's but this guy was ib a hurry as he just pushed her legs apart with is knees and pulled her skirt up around his waist then e fingered her several strokes and he jammed his c*** into her and he started f****** her like a rabbit.
I could see his hairy ass and part of her thigs as he pumped in and out of her and his b**** slapped against her ass as they f*****.
Diane had her arms wrapped around him and she was helping all she could using her feet for leverage so she could meet his thrusts with her own.
I watched fascinated now that it was going on but it ended to soon the guy busted his nuts grunting like a pig and grinding his body against my wife and Diane asked are you through already in surprise as he moved off the bed saying I,m sorry I,m sorry as he quickly dressed and left .
Iopened the door and Diane looked at me and I looked back at her then she began to laugh I could see his sperm in her pubic hair and I lost control and for the very first time in my life I f***** her with another mans sperm inside of her for lube and I came also very quickly.
She was about 3 monts pregnant at that time but in the next three weeks we repeated it with these guys lasting long enough to satisfy her also.

Mar 31, 2020

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  • I was once molested violated humiliated by lowlife bad boys.
    I look for anonymous email friends.
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