This chick.

Ok, there's this chick, who's a bisexual, like me, and we were friends for a while and I wasn't even INTERESTED in her and then she starts saying s*** like "Oh, you're not my type." and "I would never date you." and crap. This really p***** me off because I was basically being rejected by someone I didn't even like. Then I began noticing how slutty this chick is. We were at a party and she was all over making out with every guy, then we played truth or dare and she was dared to kiss this other chick and she goes on to kiss her and it was just getting to insane points. Anyway, I then kind of drifted away from this chick and left her school and stuff and she still talks to me but I don't want to talk to her, she's annoying, self obsessed and slutty and it really p***** me off. Now she's started insisting that I and everyone in the universe wants her babies. F***, this chick is an a******. I don't want to talk to her anymore, I don't want to be near her anymore. If I see her in the street, I'm going to run the other way.

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