"C", this is for you buddy

I have a pretty long history of MMF s**, def really into it. My best friend isn't so into it, not like he thinks is gross or anything, just not his thing - BUT if there was a dude, with the right chick, I don't think I'd ever need to find anything ever again in my who;e life. I have s** dreams about us f****** a chick together ALOT, and sometimes I dream I'm just watching like the one I just woke up from, so hot my b**** hurt now.

Here it is: I walked into his apartment, he said he'd be home & to come on over, but I don't see him. Sit down on his futon (actually MY futon, but that's for another post) and think WTF. Then I hear something going on upstairs, I walk upstairs, and he's got some SMOKING hot blonde chick bent over his bed, f****** her so hard and rough I can't believe what I'm seeing, but I'm thinking FINALLY, this is awesome. So I stand there & watch for a few minutes, hard as h*** (in the dream AND real life), and decide to just go in, he knew I was gonna be there in a few minutes anyway. He sees me, she doesn't, he kind of gives me the head nod to come over, so I get closer & see he's got a vibrator in her p**** & he's actually f****** her in the ass, and I have the doggy style p*** view - he's shoving the vibrator in & out of her p**** & has a couple fingers in her too, and he's slamming her ass so hard I can see his b**** smashing up against the vibrator & her wet t***. He lifts her up, pulls out, flips her over so she can see me now, and shoves his d*** inside her p**** at the same time as the vibrator & she keeps screaming & squirming & grabbing his ass to keep him
inside her. She's looking at me now & doesn't care I'm there, so I tell him to pull out & stick his d*** in her mouth, he does, I go over & lift her
legs up & start tonguing her p****, he's f****** her mouth like it's a p****, the fact that he just had his d*** in her and now I'm licking her is so hot to me. I'm down between both of them, like 2 feet from his b**** bouncing against her chin, can see he's getting close (can see his sack pulling up, the vein under his b**** all swollen, she's sucking for all she's worth, and I'm getting a close up of it all), he pushes me off her somehow (I'm bigger than him in real like, but it's a dream, and it was more
about him than me, so that's how that happened), sticks his d*** back inside her, f**** her for about 30 seconds more & gives a big push, blasts his wad
right up inside her, no rubber, she's torn up but really into it. just the time I was there just watching he had her finished easily 5 times, and I know for a fact that's how he'd roll in real life too. And THAT is how I wish it really was, I woke up with a b**** from h***, and p***** off it wasn't real just like I always do.

So there ya go buddy, I know we both read stories here, this isn't the first time I've told you s*** like this, but this was one for the record books, you're a f****** p*** star to me, and wish like h*** that SOMEHOW I'd get to see you, don't even care anymore how it is buddy. I know you're not into it like that, but would literally be happy as f*** just watching you, after that dream I don't even need to get in the mix, the imagery of that would be all I'd need for a really long time, f*** all the rest of the p*** we watch.

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  • Sounds to me you are bicurious. lol. You sound like you want to suck his d*** or lick his b****. Really hot though.

  • I'd suck his d*** in a heartbeat, wouldn't even be able to get the words out & I'd be between his legs.

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