Mom Son Love. Perfect.

Me I'm a 56 year old woman. My son is 38. We have been involved with incestuous pegging since he was 15. He is gay, in our small town that a dangerous thing.

We have always been super close, probably to close for mother and son. We have slept in the same bed forever it seems and shower together. At 15 he was in the woods letting another boy f*** him ass. They almost got caught.

That night we were in bed and he said, " Mom in I needed a***, it they only way I can c**". He paused for a minute. I said " Baby are you asking me to f*** your butt". He whispered Yes.

That night I used my d**** on him for 3 hours, he came several times. I coached him and he ate me several times. I never came that hard in my life. 23 years have passed and we continue our secret love. At 16 he was able to get hard without a***. We would kiss and touch each other, and 69. The first time we made love was incredible, I let him c** in me. A year later at 35 I was pregnant. We have a beautiful intelligent daughter
So we still continue out family love. To protect him and so he can get pleasure I peg him at least once a day with one of the many strap-ons we have. He makes love to me also daily, his c*** fits me perfectly like it was made just for my p****. The head hits my g-spot every time I have squirting o******. In the morning we 69 I always swallow.

We are more than mother and son, or husband and wife. We are perfect for each other.

Apr 14, 2020

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  • Thats hot

  • Please repent immediately

  • "Perfect"? No. "Perverted"!

  • Good for you!!

  • Has your daughter ever caught you?

  • Yes, When Holly was 16. We told her the truth and she said she had suspected for a while.

    A month later she asked to join us. She was a virgin and we took our time with her. Now she is a sexual dynamo. Holly is also into used a double ended d**** so she can peg her father and take it in her ass at the same time. She is heavy into ass play, and giving rim-jobs to both of us.

    During this long lock down, my son and I are exhausted from all the s** she wants. When we 69, I'm constantly lapping my son's c** from her p****. It an indirect b*******. Lol.

  • Spit the s**** into her mouth back and forth

  • Prefect way to spend lock down.

  • Sounds nice even if it is just fantasy ;)

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