My Lovely Stepdad

I am in love with my dad. He's not my biological dad though so I don't feel so guilty about it. I have never had a boyfriend and I am sixteen. my mum left us when I was ten and she never wanted me living with her and her new young boyfriend. she said it would cramp her style. I am in a sexual relationship with my dad and I enjoy it but I am embarrassed by it as he is nearly fiftysix and if my friends found out it would be horrible. I have been sleeping with him for three years and I like what he does to me I cant stop. he put me on the pill early on when he took my cherry and we have s** most nights. I just don't want to stop it.

Apr 11, 2020

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  • I wish I was you

  • That sounds really sexy. Good luck.
    Two questions:-
    Just he prefer you to leave your p**** hairy as most ladies his age would do or does you to shave it ?
    Are you still at school ?
    I'm 57 the thought of
    Having s** with a sixteen year old schoolgirl in uniform gets me hard
    Describe yourself please .

  • Of course I'm still at school. I'm pretty ordinary looking but I like sport so im not overweight and quite fit. why do you ask about shaving it has never been a question but my dad does like me dressed as a girl not as a boy on trousers.
    Dad makes me feel good about myself he always has he likes to flatter me about how good I am at everything and I love being with him. he taught me about sexual things which I liked.

  • People ask weird questions lol. Just enjoy what you got.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm young n bald for me

  • You are both very lucky if you are in love. From a purely selfish perspective at 55 years old the thought of a 16 year old being in love with me is wonderful!! I find girl's your age and even younger very attractive sexually so I hope he appreciates you! 😁

  • Hi joel, also find you girls very attractive, ever you ever want fantasy chat share then i am, hope to chat thx

  • Why would you want to stop. If you and your dad are both happy then good for you! You live in the UK where the age of consent is 16 so no problems! Although I wouldn't advertise the fact you and you dad started three years ago! With your dad being 56 are you going to have children soon? Might be an idea.

  • I'm 12 my mum is an alcoholic and my s/dad looks after me more than her about 6 months ago he came into my bedroom because mum was drunk he got in bed with me and cuddled up to me I m********* regular and new things I could feel his c*** hard against me I was turned on and put my hand on it he had the green light now and I wanted it he had my nightie off in now time and was eating my c*** he turned around and had 69 I took his thick c*** in my mouth and sucked him my c*** was soaking wet and wanted him in me he f***** me stupid that night and it's regular now .my mum doesn't know a thing about it.

  • Our bio dad has s ex with us and we are 11 year old twin girls. We twin sisters have s ex together (twincest) our step mum says its okay and it happens more than one would think

  • Love s** with you both

  • It's your life and up to you what you do with it! However, one day you will want to move on and live a normal life and you'll not find it easy to forget about your past life.

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