I like significantlyolder men, but I am a minor

I am only 16, but have always wanted to be with an older guy, like paternal figure, but he finds me attractive etc. A dominating male to own and protect me. I really dont know where these daddy issues came from .

Apr 22, 2020

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  • Dad issues are normal to a degree. Wait till ur 18 then have at it.

  • I was 16 when i was seduced by my then boyfriends dad, think he was in his 40s, ever since then i only like f****** really old men in there 60s or 70s. Its the best!

  • Well I'm an adult guy who dreams of being the sub to a young girl-- accept rather than caring she would condescend and laugh about how weak and helpless I am.

  • As you have seen here, there are lots of guys who would take you up on it, your problem will be finding one who isn't nuts and can keep his mouth shut. Take it slow and trust your instincts, and you'll end up having a ball.

  • Prefer them younger but for 16 I could keep very quiet

  • Your lying. You were more likw 11or 12.

  • Your almost right i'm 13 nearly 14. I also dress as a girl you would love me in my panties i'm really girly would you be gentle with me.

  • Can I see your panties I'm s boy I wear panties skirts

  • I want to go wear s girls kilt Highland dancing I'll wear white panties under i d like to them taken of bie a boy keep them

  • I'm a boy I wesrgirls panties school school uniform ilove pleated skirts

  • 13 yr old in panties mmmmmmmmmmmm my dream boy I will be real gentle, suck yourcock for you everyday

  • Do you want to see my panties

  • I'm a boy ilove wearing girls things I want to wear a girls Highland dance kilt have a boy pull my panties down

  • 16 is the age of consent in my country

  • What country

  • Hi I am an older guy and I have always wanted to be with a guy your age but it is against the law so let me know what your thoughts are. I am gay and have been for sometime now and I do wear nylon panties everyday. Have a good day

  • Knickers 24/7 for me

  • I'm a boy I wear panties everyday

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