Single in there own spot
Married in there own spot
Gays in there own spot
Straight in there own spot
Whites in there own spot
Blacks in there own spot
CHINESE just die
Mexicans go back to Mexico
Christians run the world
Atheists just die
Men keep hating women
Women go do what you do best shut up and stop complaining
Pretty in there spot
Ugly in there spot
Poor stop begging and go crawl under a rock
Rich keep owning the poor

Apr 22, 2020

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  • Another dumb white woman

  • Shut up, waste of life. You have no idea who they are

  • It must be you that written this. Shame on you

  • Can't tell if they're white or female, but yes, they're dumb.
    And so are you, racist/sexist idiot ;)

  • You are racist too. Leave me alone. I'm not into you. So stop stalking me. I have a man

  • Waah, you called me on my stupidity! You're a name too! Waah! I want my teddy! Paranoid cow...

  • What are you???????

  • There , their , they're .

  • Just one of the ways people here display their stupidity is showing off how little they comprehend written language.

  • Please, give me a break

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