Being a tease

I like getting attention from guys but being stuck in for weeks i got bored,I'm 16 and knew my 14yo brother spies on me,I'm in my bedroom wearing just a t-shirt and knickers and called him in and told him i knew what he's been doing,told him i will keep it a secret if he does what i ask him to do sit in his boxers and run his hand up my leg,he was doing it but not fast enough so i grabbed his hand and moved it between my legs and he ended up c******,I keep thinking about doing it again.

Apr 22, 2020

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  • So, not brother but step-dad but he didn't do anything an being so h**** I like guys and older and my body is changing.

  • Completely natural, and not wrong. My sister who is 3 years younger than me have been having s** since i was 10 she was 7. We are in our 30s now and have 2 beautiful and healthy children.

  • Love to have one 7 bet she was real good

  • Our mother knew and would watch and help us.

  • Don't make the boy do something he does not want to do, just let him watch and be happy!

  • If you try to force him into a sexual act and he doesn't want because he I shy, reveal more just wear a tee shirt only at first then reveal everything, if he is spying on you he is sexually aroused give him time, he will be wanking thinking about you, or watching

  • Hi, it's quite natural for brothers and sisters to interact this way and it's a great way to learn about each other's bodies. Try not to bribe or blackmail your brother because you don't want him to resent you or feel bad about this. Ask him if he likes touching and don't forget he might like you to touch him too. Also, refrain from intercourse for a while until your brother is at least 16, which I know will be difficult so keep some condoms nearby just incase!! Try and stick to mutual masturbation and oral s**, if you can!!

  • He will Naturally be wanking as he spies on you .
    Can't you do the.same ?
    When I was fourteen J'd spy on my sister and my mum and sniff their dirty knickers while wanking .
    I'll bet that
    Your brother is no different.

  • I think most brothers and sons go through this stage

  • Totally agree!

  • Me and my sister masturbated together when I was 14 and she was 11,she used to like handling my c*** and she wanted me to lick her p**** ,we carried on doing this together till I was 16 and had a girlfriend my sister always wanted to know what we used to do sexualy ,did we m********* together?did I lick her out? was I f****** her?I said we were f****** ,she asked me to f*** her ,I didn't really want to with having my girlfriend but she teased me showing her p**** I give in and give her a good f******,think it's going to be regular,till she gets a boyfriend,,any advice.

  • My sis and I were always too close from an early age. We shared a bed in my mom's 2-room small house till she was 12 yo and used to share shower to save hot water. When my sis was 14 and I 20 yo we got interested in our bodies and her growing t*** and healthy abdomen always attracted me. Yes, we did get physical at that stage but as she was underage I stopped short of f****** her. But I used to lick, suck and eat her firm p**** and lick and lightly massaged her budding b****, made her ready till she reached 18. Now in her mid-20s we f*** almost regularly when our college is on holidays.

  • It's great that you held back until she was old enough. Good luck to you both :-)

  • Pussytasted better at 14 though

  • It certainly did and even better still at 5 when I started her

  • Quite natural to grow with interests about girl's body at this age. It is better doing it at home rater than outside with his friends visiting a flashing w**** for one dollar! Let him explore you body and in return examine his tool - even m********* mutually.

  • So, where has your brother been spying on you?

  • When I was 14 I used to spy on my older sister when she was in the shower. She used to open the bathroom window, and my window looked straight into the shower, so I got to see everything. It is very natural for a 14 year old boy to spy on his older sister.
    I see that you are already well aware of the powers that I woman has over a man, guys will often do the dumbest things due to the charms of a young lady. Using your powers of persuasion over a helpless young boy as a source of entertainment during this lockdown is unfair to the poor lad and simply wrong... Okay, now that I got that out of my system, by all means, have fun with it, the poor boy is not going to know what hit him. Most boys his age would do almost anything just to get a peek of skin from a girl. Have fun with it.

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