Saw my Wife kiss a Girl

Wife and I went out for drinks and Dinner. She was wearing a one piece pull over black dress that was about 3" above her knees, no bra, has beautiful perky round b****** fantastic nipples when aroused. Sheer black nylons against her bare skin and 5" black heels. She's 39 is hot, love her, she's an awesome mother wife partner! Anyway we had a great time. One the way Home we stopped by a friends House, we knew his Son's, and the Dad was a frequent visitor whenever his Son who lived with him was away. We knew He had a card game on the 1st Friday of each month, so we said hey lets stop by his house. Now my wife had about 5 drinks plus a couple of shots and she had a pretty good buzz, and when She's relaxed feely sexy and ready for anything, she's very outspoken. So we arrived, went in, said Hello to our friend, and card game was underway. Our friend made us some drinks, my wife sat down in a cubed chair off to the side of the table, there were 4 guys and a chick playing poker. We knew 3 of the Guys, the other guy and the other woman we didn't. The girl, a blonde about 35-40 was wearing a black blouse, red skirt, with black scrappy heels, no stockings. We all casually said Hi , my wife crossed her legs and her butt was plainly exposed as well as her legs all the up to her ass. She didn't mind and her foot was slowly swinging back and forth. I was talking to our Friend who was in his 70's about this and that, when one Guy, stood up, and said that's it, I'm going to smoke a joint. And He pointed at my wife and at his chair and held the back of it for her as she sat down. Since she was the new player it was her turn to deal. So, the banter started. After twenty minutes or so, the Girl and my Wife started the smack talking, it just gradually built up. During one hand the Girl was saying watch this B****, and my Wife said, Yea Ok..the Girl said B****! My Wife stuck up her hand and slowly gave her the finger with her arm extended across the Table! Then the Girl stood Up and yelled again, B**** Wife stood up , threw her cards in her face, and dove across the table grabbing the girl. They both fell off to the right of the girl. The Guys we're WHOA...we kinda backed away but were right there peering down on these 2 hot beautiful woman. I as well as these guys were thinking, WOW, were gonna see these 2 hot babes rip each others clothes off! My wife was laying to the right of the chick and the girl was on her side. It happened so fast, my Wife started laughing, Her dress was over her naked ass, and her left leg was between the girls leg, and my Wife reached over to the girl and planted a long wet ass tongue probing kiss on the girls open mouth as my wife pulled up her red skirt exposing the girls black thong, as they both started rubbing each others wet C_IT. Everybody said at the same time WHOA!!!! About the same time our friend yells, Alright, that's enough, get them up, time to GO everybody! I helped my Wife up as she pulled down her dress, She smiled at the chick, and started fixing her hair. The girl stood up, wiping her mouth, asking her boyfriend for a tissue so she can fix her lipstick, as we watched them gather themselves. It happened so fast, but it was AWESOME. About 5-10 minutes later everyone was gone but me and my wife. Our friend said, damn that was crazy sexy to see 2 women rolling around like that, and was laughing saying, to my wife, Honey I hope you remember this in the morning! We both laughed and left.

Apr 24, 2020

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