My husbands habit

I got married two weeks after graduating from college to my forever boyfriend, he is older by five years. As part of my new married life I went for a physical a week after our honeymoon, my Doctor found that I had syphilis. My husband had to be checked and he had it too, I had only had one s** partner, him.

He on the other hand was f****** whores in Bogota when he went to that branch office.

I listened, told him to stop f****** whores, we went on the treatment to cure us, abstained from s** for months, when we went back to s** it was condoms only, when he went overseas I packed three boxes of condoms for him, he switched from whores to local office girls, or hotel clerks. He gave me detailed reports on the girls, name, age, social position. Condoms for STD protection and pregnancy protection.

He brought back pictures of the girls, office pictures not in bed pictures. I picked out this one girl that I liked from the picture and told him to make her his go to girl in Bogota and limit his exposure. Better the Devil you know. When the girl got pregnant I followed immediately, it really hurt me that she was going to be first. I sent a nice gift for her new baby. I sent her a letter asking her to be good to him, and I would be good to him here.

My baby was followed by number two, her number two came three years later. Ten years and we had never met, we wrote letters, exchanged pictures, exchanged gifts. When the branch was closed I moved heaven and earth for her to move here. We finally met at the airport, with our kids in tow. We are very different people, she is very Latina in her views and lifestyle, we have had to learn to be friends in the flesh.

We both turned sixty last year and had a blowout birthday party, kids and grand kids in tow. A very long time ago I rationalized her being his other wife, we only met after we had kids, we have lived our lives in separate houses, next door houses for over twenty years. I picked her from a snap office picture. I picked well.

Apr 24, 2020

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  • That is a beautiful story. If only more women were open to sharing their husbands. It is only natural. If a man is financially, mentally, and physically fit, with no genetic abnormalities, it is good for all concerned. Selfishness on the part of one ruins what could be a beautiful situation for so many others. And polygamy laws support the selfish one in this scenario, leading to cheating, lying, hurt feelings, and less than ideal homes for offspring. The world should thank you for being so kind and selfless.

  • Americans got issues. Somebody is telling a lie

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