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Do you think labeling your sexuality is more about who you love or who you f***?

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  • are you the same person that thinks female heterosexuality is machocistic retardation? get over it already. she doesn't want you, she wants a man. you were just an experiment. go back to jusfess

  • S** does not equal sexuality, and vice versa. S**, depending on the person, can be just s**, it can be about love, or anything in between. And you don't necessarily have to label your sexuality as anything, if that's what works for you.

  • ^ But if choosing your sexuality is about who you love it still is possible to not have s** and still be straight or gay.

  • I agree! ONLY under the illusion of love can s** can be as unhealthy as a drug.

  • love. you can f*** anyone, girl or boy. sure itll feel good. but it really depends on who you see yourself with loving and falling in love with that matters.

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