Reflect , Atone and Evolve .

Covid 19 is a long overdue wake up call to humankind . We should use this time to reflect on how we treat our fellow humans and how we treat all other creatures on this planet and how we treat the planet itself .

May 1, 2020

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  • No it's not. What crock of bull

  • Well, of course not for mongoloids like you who aren't even capable of reflection! What made you think you were a member of the intelligent part of humankind?

  • Why would a jewish failure of a bio-weapon cause any of this cuck garbage?

  • We should use this time to destroy the Chinese race, for it is them who have bought this upon the world.
    Boycott China.

  • I think it’s more likely that people are just going to be better at proper hand washing.

  • We've had this chance lots of times.

    This pandemic has been compared to the one in 1918. Did humanity become a better species during and after that one? If it did and WE were the result, I'm glad I wasn't around before 1918!

    There will be pockets of localized improvement here and there, and big-change rollouts from companies. But overall humans will still be the same self-centered stupid things they've always been.

  • And were back to too many ppl also,

  • I don't spend much time on social media these days, especially Facebook.

  • Nicely said. I have used the time effectively to quietly contemplate life, how we treat each other, the importance of kindness, love, finding happiness and a hundred other ideas. Too bad we have to be slowed down this much to get a better perspective on our own lives and beliefs. However I have appreciated gaining a better and more thoughtful sense of self.

  • If only the ones who REALLY need to sit down and think hard about how they're conducting themselves would do so... Of course, they're the ones doubling down on the idiocy right about now. Why can't we have a pandemic that only kills the dumb ones?

  • Perfect example up top. Anyone mooing about eradicating an entire race because of one country's government's actions is not just a hypocrite, but a stupid one and therefore not worthy to breathe MY air.

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