Bisexual at the age of 11

I figured out i'm bi a few months ago.I have a huge crush on my bff.She is bi too,she told my two weeks ago.I don't think it will work because it will be long distance,I live in Bakersfield and she lives in Tahachipi.It would be weird because i've known her since the day after I was born.She is my type though; pretty,sweet,funny,lovable.She's not self-centered,she thinks i'm pretty and skinny,even though i'm too insecure to believe that.What should I do?!

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  • Not too late to kill yourself!

  • How about hitting puberty before you decide something like that?

  • I figured out i was bisexual at the age of 16 now and have a girfriend for 5 years...if she thinks shes bisexual then shes either curious or knows its true...some people are different

  • To the first commentor:
    a) Puberty starts early for a lot of girls
    b) when did you "decide" to be straight or whatever the h*** you are?

    to the confessor:
    That's really sweet. Long distance relationships can be awful but try to keep in touch, even if it's only as friends. There's nothing like a happy memory of an early love.

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