Linda and her thong.

My colleague Linda is a milf with a nice, big ass. She has a collection of thongs, that her pants for some reason have difficult with containing. Everytime she bends over you get a full view of thong and ass. It really gets me going, when she is around.

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  • Praise her thong showing through her pants. If the reaction is positive, ask her to show them by taking off her pants. Run your hands on her ass cheeks, seduce more and f*** her harddd ...

  • I told Linda, her thong was showing. She winked at me and told me, that she knew. I think, i am onto something.

  • I did it. after some time, Linda gave in. we did some overtime at the office. it ended with me pounding her from behind. she loved it.

  • Way to go! Pound her often. She needs to understand the cause and effect.

    Thong equals an ass pounding!

  • Are you dumb enough not to see that she wants you to be in fuckk her mercilessly

  • Maybe i should try.

  • She is setting you up for a trip to the HR office and a large lawsuit for herself.

  • Linda sounds like an historically nasty POA. Somebody should be plowing that lowland.

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