My neighbour's schoolgirl niece

My neighbour's sister often visits the flat directly opposite and in clear view of my kitchen window .
I have one way security glass so I can stand there and observe unnoticed.

The sister often brings her 14 year old daughter with her, am English Indian.
The girl is so h**** .
Every time I see her I get an instant b**** as I imagine her naked and always need a w***.
She wears tight tops that clearly show her budding b******.
Her trousers are so tight that they clearly show the shape of her tight little bottom and the shape of her f**** bulge that at 14 years I presume is hairy.
Today I was talking to her mum
(she is 28 and h**** too )
when the daughter stood next to her mum and started to talk to me.
Then the mum left her daughter talking to me.
I found it do difficult to maintain eye contact and not look at her f**** bulge, all the while wanting to see it, finger it and know how hairy it is.
I nearly asked her if she shaved her p**** ad she calls it but managed not too.
I went indoors and wanked as I spied on her through my one way security glass in my kitchen.
I've seen every contour of her sexy teen body .
I don't know if she's hairy and the one thing I've not seen the contours of is her f**** crack
I'm surprised her mum lets her dress as she does.
She's only 14 but I so want to see her naked and f*** her !

May 10, 2020

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  • My niece is 14 and very hairy like her mother armpits and legs,I remember us all going swimming about 2 years ago and her mother told her that she wants to start shaving her bikini line because hairs were peeping out and she had under arm hair then,it does turn me on to see her in swimwear because of the bulge of her p**** hair.

  • Sounds h****.
    What nationality is she and what colour is her hair on her head and between her legs ? How old is the mother ?

  • This is a great age have you done anything with her?

  • 14 is perfect budding feminine. She knows exactly what she is doing and knows you sp unk thinking about her. Be perfect to sink one in but she would be big trouble. Keep sp unking.

  • I know. The h**** little b**** is definitely jailbait. Got to leave her alone and continue exercising my wrist !

  • Wow, the comments are full of actual perverts and although I don't know your age if your are older than 16, you should be in jail, this is disgusting

  • Are you a priest or something ?
    It is normal to " window shop" , I'm not going to touch !

  • The panties are nice though!

  • I'd sniff her panties and look for pubes if only I could get a pair !!!

  • Love sniffing my nieces

  • I so want to see her naked but she's not stupid. I think she knows she's hot, plus I've got to be careful of her mum.
    She is a real piece of live jail bait !
    Fourteen years old,
    Pretty face, budding t*** and a tight unfucked f**** probably with some pubes. She's too much !
    Every time I see her I want to pull her knickers down to look at her tight schoolgirl c***

  • Like em still hairless

  • Friend her , impress her then fuckk her

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