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I've Lately been rubbing my c*** on my bed when I m*********, I'm only 14 and my hands aren't doing it any more I need different things touching my c*** and the head of it, I leave a trail of pre c** all over the place. And I would bust a nut in anything that could be washed easily or Can be disposed of. I would be on my side having my c*** rubbing on anything soft, or I would get on my Stomach and and ram my c*** under some Blankets. And I don't know if I should keep doing it or stop it.

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  • How do you post thisCrap when you have you Id 2020 on it. You just had your first o***** you are a 13 year old girl

  • Nah bruh im a 14 year old male

  • Just get your sister or moms underwear

  • I already done it

  • Get some of your sisters or mothers dirty panties. You won't believe how nice they are.

  • Completely normal, but slow down and learn to love your hand again. Your brain is wired for s**, when you feel desperate for that external touch that's instinct kicking in to go find a girl to share your experiences. Girls at 14 don't seem to be into s** as much as boys are, so this is your problem to learn to deal with.
    M********* as much as you need, try to do it at home, catch your c** in a tissue or toilet paper and flush it.
    Your brains fantasies may get weird and scare you, that's okay too, learn what you like and realize they are just fantasies.

  • I agree boys at your age are more into s** and satisfying themselves than girls.

    When I was 14, (20 years ago) i was amazed how many guy (especially older guys) would give me blow jobs or let me f*** their ass.

    One it happened the first time, I rarely had to j*** myself. I had a steady supply of guys mouths or ass to c** into. I'm married now but still have 3 older men who I use 2 or 3 times each every week.

  • Same s*** over and over

  • What do you mean you that?

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