How long does it take to get over a crush?

I have a bf but I have fallen for someone else and I don't know how to get rid of him from my from my mind. And I don't even know if he likes me back.
I am so lovelorn, It's been two months and am still thinking about him.

May 11, 2020

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  • Lol, just read the post below me !

  • Fck a long time.

  • As soon as the next big hard co ck stares you in the face you will forget him.

  • For a woman, you never get over it. For a man, you will get over it --- on average --- in 41.5 seconds. For a LGTBQ, you don"t have crushes because you only give a s*** about yourself.

  • Forget one underneath a nother

  • I never got over my Crush and she died a month ago, she was my auntie Daughter and she and I got as far as 1st and 2nd base, we could have gone all the way to 4th base, but we never did it because she would have or wanted to get pregnant.

  • Actually not too long - till you find someone good in f******....

  • Not long at all. Sounds more like you find this other guy attractive and have decided you are going to sleep with him, while using 'crush' as the excuse. Have fun, be safe.

  • From my experience. It can takes years. Ive had several crushes on woman that last a long time. Sometimes painfully

  • So much sickness in this place. so much sadness.

  • I had a crush on a girl for 25 years.

    After 5 years, after high school, I told her I was moving on (we never dated) and that I would never call her ever again.

    I wished her the best and hung up the phone.

    She never said anything during the 5 minute call I told her all this.

    I walked away, dated and married a good woman. I never saw her again, until Iran into her again after 20 years.

    She recognized me, long story short I had an affair with her for over a year. We slept together for one month. Before that we met at a park abd talked on the phone or 6 months or so and we did the same for the next year or so after.

    Basically, I spoke with her, about what had happened in our youth (I was 40 when I slept with her, she was married and I slept with her as my birthday present). But the point is, I got closure.

    You need to have closure, don't walk away. Have a talk with him and just have him tell you why he doesn't want to be with you. You need to hear it from him to realize and make peace that he doesn't want you in his life.

    Don't dwell your youth llaway longing and mourning for him. Find a good guy thtat will take care of you and want to make you happy.

    Have Closure, Move On, Do Not Dwell In The Past. Work to find happyness and make a life for yourself.

  • The feeling will fade, and if you don’t talk to him. Doesn’t mean you don’t still like him... but it’ll fade.

  • You have to tell this other guy that you have feelings for him. You obviously don't love your b/f as much as you should, otherwise you would not have fallen for someone else. Follow your heart.

  • My wife dumped me a couple of years ago. I still hurt. I ache inside.

  • Why did she leave?

  • I feel your pain.

  • Sounds like you are planning to cheat.

  • I hope she IS planning that. How else is a girl EVER gunna have any FUN??!? Yeah, she needs to get her some new d***!

  • I agree. Women just are not constituted for monogamy. We need all
    The action we can get. I'm in my late 50 S and I"m still f****** like a depraved w****. And having fun.

  • I completely agree. People make cheating sound so awful, when in fact, it is the most fun AND THE MOST LOVE, you will ever have in your life. There is nothing more wonderful or loving than adultery.

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