The time my boyfriends homegirl joined our relationship.

This is the time I fingered myself and my boyfriends homegirl came in and did the job for me omg it felt so good her four fingers up my p**** and it was just omg and then she gave me head and I creamed all over her and she licked it and that was just a turn on but them my boyfriend came in and then we had a threesome and he was putting his c*** inside my a** and his homegirl sat on my face while I licked her kitty while getting f***** in the a** it felt like I never had s** before and he c***** inside of me and he dug his finger in my v***** and took it out and tasted it and he continued what he was doing. So while alll that was happening I creamed all over the place and since then we were a throuple for s** only we would have s** on and off since then with no protection they would control me because I was the bottom the homegirl would always wear straps for me because I like stuff in my v***** so she would always wear straps from now on. and we're doing this later on tonight and im so excited I hope I don't get pregnant because we do this every night .

May 13, 2020

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  • Nice, s*** was hot!!!

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