The love of my tutor

I'm 29 now and I nevertold anyone upto now, what I did with my math tutor or, better to say, what he did to me. I was 11-12 when I lost my good grades in school and my mom arranged the math tutoring by an old math teacher some of her friends knew. I went to him 2 times a week just after school. everything went fine until some weeks after we started. He has been a funny old man, must have been around his 70s and he was joking all the time. and he tried to tickle me from time to time. I am very ticklish and when he did it I rolled together like a hedgehog, just without spikes. So I did not realize it for me but the tutoring became more and more touchy. An I have to confess, I liked it. Yes, I was a young girl just discovering, I'm a girl and he made me feel beeing just like an adult. He did know well about everything and so we started to talk abou everything. and so we eventually also ended up on the subject of boys, puberty and s**. He absolutely was someone, who I could talk to about just these things, I could not talk about with my parents. I often wished I had a grandpa like him. He was cool about everything. We sometimes talked about boys genitalia and he asked If I ever had seen some and I answered, only on pictures in the Internet. He asked, if I want and when I nodded, he got up and pulled down his pants. His p**** was hanging down, not a sign of erection but I felt like a match (the red head). He did not do anything he just stood therer for a while and then redressed and sit down again. But I think, with that action, a border was crossed. I did nott have a problem to put my shirt up when he some times asked if I already got Boobs. I did, he looked, all was ok. We aventually started touching each other. I think we both wanted even of him being an old man. But it was OK with me. For me it was no Boy I wanted to make out with, for me, he more was an object to study on. I just relize, my english is not very good, sorry for that. I've seen him as a friend with who I could learn about boys and, yes, that too, about s**. When he asked a while later If I everhad an o***** when I touch myself and In told him, i did not, he asked if I want one. Sure I wanted and I was willing, when he asked me to take off my panties I did, he went between my legs and the I for the very first time felt a tongue at my v*****. everything aound me kind of exploded each time, when he licked at my c*******. And I don't know how many, but it have been more than 3 that afternoon. I knew after the first one, I want more of it. And he did it. Each time I asked him for it, he did. He never ever forcrf me into anything. Never! It always has been my decision. And it has been me, who asked him a second time, to show me his P****. But this time, I wanted to see it hard, erected. He told me, that's a problem, because he does not get erected any more. He told me, tahts because of his medication. But a week later, he told me, he has been with his doctor and he gave him pills who fix that and that he did take one of them, before I arrived and when I asked hin for showing he pulled his pants down and there it was. Long, hard looking and standing to the ceiling. I loved it at first view. But I still was a girl. I asked him to leave the pants off doing the tutoring and we did math, bit I all the time looked at it. I think, I was still too much girl, I did not dare to touch him. He old me, If I want to see it again, I have to aks and it would last about 30 minutes until the pill shows work. My curiousity grew more and more and by the way, he nearly licked me to an o*****, when our tutoring was over and before I went home. So there was the day, I asked him, when I arrived, he should take a pill and that I want to feel and touch it. I was so excited all the time and did not have any concentration for math. So nearing the end of the lesson, I just put my trembling (!) hand on his pants where in between was a big bulge. He took his pants off and let me touch it. he never said a word, except I asked him. I took it in my hand and it felt hard like the bar we used at the stuff run (google translation, sorry). Today I know, he was uncut, so I could move his foreskin over the hard part. It lasted 2 more weeks until I asked him, how I could give him such feelings like the ones he gave me licking my c*******. And again, he did not ask me for giving me a b******, he just told me, when I pulled the foreskin up and down fast and long enough, he woul get an o***** too. and he "warned" me, that at that point something might come out of his p****. I've already heard something about it on the schoolyard. So I tried and it was so funny, seeing his face becoming red and he started to sweat. He got more and more restless and at the end he reared up and his sperm came out of the top of his p****. It did not shoot out, it just came out and ran down his p**** and over my hand. The first feeling I had, when that happened, I felt kind of proud. The more when he told me, that it has been about 10 years ago that someone did that to him. OK, to short the story a bit. The time we used for tutoring became less and the time we made out became more and more (but my grades became much better!). He never put his c*** inside ma v***** becase he told me he's to big for it and he did want to hurt me, but (when I asked!) he showed me how to take his c*** in my mouth and teached me how to suck on it. He always told me, before he comes and I must confess, I asked an older Girl at school and she told me, that sperm is not poisonous. The next time I did not take it out, when he annonced him coming, he got big eyes when I let him c** in my mouth and even swallow it down. It some kind of tasted like some slime, nothing else. From then on I did it each time and I think he was happy with it. I asked him over some weeks to show me, how it feels, when a man puts his p**** in the v***** aber he refused doing it. Then one day he conjured a small d**** out of his pocket. He had went to town and bought it just for me. It was much smaller than his own p****, but looked a bit like it. He licked me for a long time and put some of ma wetness all over the D****. When I reached my o*****, he put it in me and when I came down, I just saw the end of it looking out of ma v*****. It did not hurt at all. and, believe me or not, I left it in my v***** on my way home and I was very proud to be a real woman now!


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  • Falls Du Dich per E-Mail darüber unterhalten möchtest:

  • You are a good girl, and I want to talk with you

  • OP: Sure, why not

  • The "(!)" was pretty funny. Also, you say google translate was used. What language was this written in and how old are you now?

  • OP: as I said, I'm 29 years old now. And I'm german but i did not translate the whole text. I've had english at school but missing some words. So it's a mixture of school-english and google translation. sorry for that again!

  • Ah I see, no worries the flow of the story was better than can be said for most of the posts on here anyway.

    Heil Hitler,

  • The innocence of childhood

  • This.

  • Ohhhhh!!!! you made me o***** with that story, you naughty girl.

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