Bestfriend drink up are orgasmic

My bestfriend and i were having a drink up at mine. we went through a bottle of jim beam and we were smashed, and we still had another bottle and a few cans on bed bears to share, we both laid together and talked she started asking me questions (she was a virgin) about what s** feels like, she started hugging me and so i hugged her back and we just layed like that for a few minutes then she looked at me and said she loved me, i said i love you too (she knew i was bi) and she kissed me just a dry kiss, i kissed back and smile, she started feeliing my 14DD t*** (Australian bro!) i slowly took her cute little dress off, so she was in a her bra and undies, and she took my trackies and band shirt off really gently and started rubbing my legs, i thought we were going to fast so i grabbed her arms and gently push her down and got on top of her and we made out whilst dry humping, she wanted the rest off, so i un did her bra and sucked and licked her t*** she had 1000 hickeys ;). i started taking off her undies, but she wanted to be in control i didn't think she would want to but i just let her go we were both naked making out touching eachother, i was loving life, i started rubbing her c***, she gasped laid back down, her p**** was perfectly shaved so was mine (shaven is sexy <--- my thoughts) i put one finger in her p**** and went slow, and looked at her, she smiled and said she wanted to lose her virginaty to me, i told her my fingers arn't long enough but it will still feel good, she said i was the one. sat up so i took my finger out and licked it she laughed pushed me down and laid on me sucked my t***, i opened my legs a bit so she sat up and asked if i would mind if she could play with my p****, she opened my legs really wide and put two fingers in it felt good for a first timer, we went faster and faster i got wet so she started playing with my c***, she made it really hard and sucked on it, she got up and said she liked the taste i laughed and and pulled myself up and we looked at eachother, she said she was really h**** still and she wants to c**, so she pulled out the bother bottle and had three shots each, she pulled out her hair brush and looked at me, i put a condom on it, so it wuldnt be awkward if someone picked it up, she laid up down and asked me to f*** her with it, i went slow then a bit faster and so on, i felt her breck then was a little bit of blood not too much, i wipped it off, and she thanked me and said she really does love me i laid down and told her i loved her too, she pulled me by my legs to the corner of the bed and got on the floor with the hair brush and another condom, and f***** me with it and licked my c*** a few times, i came everywhere. i moaned like crazy, it was amazing, i felt bad because it didn't feel as good for her, she sat on the bed so i got up and kissed her then made out with her and slid my hand down she got on the bed more so i could sit, i could fit two fingers this time so i fingered her a bit harder then before, she moaned a little, but i wanted her to c** on my face i wanted her to moan as loud as i did, so i opened her legs and flicked her c*** with my tongue and my tongue piercing, she started moaning at about 7/10 (10 mbeing as loud as i did) i took my finger out go i could get down and really eat her stopped everything 10 seconds to rub it with my fingers, i started eating again and she started orgasming, so i ate even more it felt like i flicked her c*** 1000 in one second, now it was like 100/10 her c*** was throbbing, it was the best s** ever.

Jan 2, 2011

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  • Why don't we get confessions of older women between 65 and 80.

  • holy f***, im so h**** reading this s***. i wish my boyfriend were here so he could rub my sweet little p****.

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