I am 30yrs old. I have been actively engaged in masturbation since when i was 13yrs old.

I have masturbated so much so that I had to drop out in my final year of Undergraduate since i couldn't concentrate on my studies anymore. I have had to start school all over again.

That's it

May 15, 2020

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  • You've got something long and hard facing you. It's known as the second grade.

  • My wife was very into equal opportunity and respect for women. Early in our mariage we experimented with trying to make s** equal. She was keen to do it lieing on our sides so that it was not one or the other on top. That was just frustrating for both of us. The end result was that we would start with her on her back and I would come in from on top but once inside we would roll over with her on top. All good so far you say. However I would come and leave her unsatisfied. So we tried to focus on c****** together and that needed me to have more self control. As women can have multiple o****** we set out to see if I could hold off while she rode me. I had to tell her if I was about to c** and she would sit still until I retained control. As life progressed she challenged me to be stronger and more in control. We read about the benefit's of male sexual abstinence and coupled this with strength and also respect for women. She did not like it if I pestered her for s**. Basically s** had rules where she would initiate it but I had to hold off orgasming. We even progressed to her lying on her back and orgasming but me not being allowed to o*****.

    All along she had been very anti masturbation and so when she got pregnant (yes I was allowed to o***** sometimes) then we started long periods of no s** and no masturbation.

    Then as son got to 10yo we talked about masturbation and how we would stop him from ever developing the habit and as part of that I was not allowed any more o****** or masturbation.

  • Once when I was 18 or 19 I was caught masturbating by our maid (35 yo). I got startled but she asked me not to panic, approached me and held my c*** by her hand. Soon I got a h****** and she stroked my c*** till I came again. For about 5 yrs next she masturbated me at regular basis and I rubbed her p**** and c*** to her o*****, This ended to full s** for several years.

  • Very lucky. Did she ever drop her knickers and let you do anything ?

  • I read that in japan that mothers j*** their sons off to help them focus.

  • My mom, ever practical, I think unintentionally contributed to my mixed up kinky sexuality. When I reached puberty and started having wet dreams and there would be c** all over the inside of my pyjama top. To contain the mess, she bought me a pair of plastic pants and told me to wear them over a pair of undies. Wasn't long before I discovered it was so nice to just wear them against my skin with a bit of baby oil to lubricate. Each night I would put them on and rub myself and c** and then drift off to sleep and then in the morning with the morning wood, I would do it again.

    Then I would go have a shower and wash them out and leave them hanging on the curtain rail in the shower to dry. Sometime during the day, she would take the now dry plastic pants and put them under my pillow with my pyjamas.

    On weekends, I would not go straight and have a shower but with the mess safely contained, I would go and have breakfast and maybe watch some TV. All with her knowledge and eventually she'd tell me to go clean myself up. So practical and so weird.

  • You are wasteful and mixed up. You need to get a grip.... oh wait, no you don't!

  • I am 32 and unemployed..masturbates rigrously and want to fuckk all the women in the world..Amen!

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