Any helpful advice

I need some advice i walked in on my son jerking off and the worst part is he was just finishing off e**********,it was embarrassing for us both no mother wants to see her boy doing that,he's 14 and im not sure what the best way is to deal with it without embarrassing him.

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  • It is a confession site so let them confess what they want,don't come on if you don't like it

  • Well said

  • I was lucky as my mom was only 32 and was always h****. One day she came to my room after she showered in her robe and asked me at 12 if I ever masturbated. I said I never tried. The next thing I knew my pants were off she dropped her robe and my c*** was in her mouth.

    Mom was no model, but I got hard from seeing her naked. That started our 50 year romance. She maybe 82 now, but she still wants s** multiple times a day.

    Her mouth is like a vacuum and even at age 62 she gets me hard in minutes.

    We had 2 sons together and they service her every day also. They prefer their mother to this day over their wives.

    I think my mother is a s** addict. Thank God!

  • You could leave a box of tissues in his room and knock the next time you want to come in the room. But this fake and you wrote this so all the incest pedo nut jobs could reply with their sick comments on how mom underage son can have s e x stories. My mom never walked in but she did leave a box of tissues in my room with a waste basket.

  • Paper towels are better.

  • You could tell him to lock the door before he starts to w**k , or get him a Do Not Disturb sign . I hope that advice helps you .

  • My mother used to w*** me before I went to sleep because I had started having a lot of wet dreams,I was 13 she explained to me how we produce sperm when boys reach my age she helped me and told me to m********* whenever I felt like sometimes I'd go up to my bedroom to m********* next thing my mother was there asked of I wanted her to do it,sure she enjoyed it I said what about girls ,she said they are the same ,I said "do you do it" she said of course,she's divorced,she said it ,"I do it every day,it natural"

  • Must be a lot of kills her if the M-word pass to be disguised as m*********

  • Er...guilt here” (not kills her.....sorry)

  • I would love to watch him doing it

  • Why watch? j*** him off

  • A 14 yr old? Gladly! His little brother too if he has one, I love the feel of a nice hard boy c ock

  • Unintended consequence:
    junior’s walls get covered in splooge Bc now when he wacks off he turns his ding d*** away from the door so mom can’t see it machine gun firing out when she walks it and but he gets it everywhere. Time for new paint!

  • As someone who has been walked in on more then once, the most shameful part really is the eye to eye and then eye to crotch stare while you are fighting to get the last drop out and it just won't stop coming. No one ever looks away either.

  • Best part*

  • Again, so true!!

  • Hopefully gets caught before c****** so mom can finish him.

  • I love my mum to do that for me!! I would love to f*** my mum, I mean seriously imagine being inside your own mum and c******! Heaven :)

  • Best f*** you'll have right up your mom's c*** with her draining every drop of s**** out of you

  • In her a*** is nice too

  • Lovely!

  • So true

  • And They say the best part of waking up is some kind of coffee… Obviously not

  • How often do most boys m*********,I know my son does be is 13 and quite a big lad,I've noticed s**** stains on his bed ,do you think he does it a lot?

  • My mom, ever the practical one, bought me plastic pants to contain the mess. Wasn't long before I became addicted to the plastic and would put in some baby oil.

  • Why do you always go on about plastic! Very strange

  • Ewww you would just rub it and j*** all over the inside of your pants ?!

  • Generally at least once a day. But every boy is different. get him tissues or towels or ask him to start washing his own clothes and sheets, or do wash more often. its no big deal.

  • I'm 13 and I w*** 4-5 times a day most of my friends the same and I s**** every time

  • 4-5 times and you have enough in you to shoot off each time? Good for you. Life is good. Keep on wacking!!

  • And also try to find a girl to do it for him, or better, a b******. Though theres nothing like a REALLLY good handjob if she knows what she is doing.

  • And if not then blame dad for not teaching her

  • Why not get let the mother do it?

  • That too, to prepare him for girls his age.

  • There is always a strong bond between a mother and son and they should explore it, including s**.

  • Mothers should try to be their sons first o*****

  • 100% agree! Your mum should always be your first!!

  • What age to start? mine started probably too young for most so im not gonna say.... but i loved it.

  • The younger the better

  • No reason to wait until e**********. he can still have o******.

  • Had a nice little 3 yr old I got hard

  • I used to fantasise about having s** with my mum from the age of about 13 when I first saw her in her underwear.
    Mum was 46 and I'd spy on her undressing to see her naked.
    As she took her knickers off I'd study her and m********* while imagining doing many things to her including having s** with her and spunking on her pubes

  • I think mothers should read some of these comments so they know what their sons are thinking!

  • I bet lots of mothers are blowing their sons regularly with the lockdown.

  • If they are, good for them!

  • At minimum once a day. Just ask him to put a towel on the bed and pump onto that for easier clean up. Unless he just kinda dribbles out. Then that kinda sucks for him.

  • I wouldn't say anything about it.

  • It is an opportunity to let him know that there is nothing wrong with it, and s** in general as he is in early puberty. How far a mother goes is something each must decide, most moms would choose the sexless route of "it's normal and you shouldn't feel guilty for it." It's not just getting caught at least for me, there is a rare and random negative feeling reaction called "post-coital trieste" or sadness" and it is poorly named because it can happen after o***** in general. sucks

  • Good post. How far should a mother go?

  • At least oral

  • Or dad

  • True

  • A decision each has to make as i said

  • Ok. So it's case of choice.

  • All I would say is that however far you want to go, you take your time with each step and enjoy it. he sure will.

  • Thanks 👍🏻

  • Just make sure you knock the door. You say no mother wants to see her son masturbating but what's so bad about see it? Do you really find it that embarrassing or do you feel guilty because deep down you liked what you saw?

  • Still waiting to hear back what this mom did.....

  • When I was 14 I did not know it at the time but I was moderately hung my mom walked in on me while masturbating one afternoon I was so embarrassed she explained to me there was nothing wrong with it help to me up until the time I left home with my masturbating do not see anything wrong with it enjoyed it

  • It’s been 4 days since this confession and junior’s forearms grow stronger and stronger.
    The only thing I would suggest would be asking him to throw a towel down before releasing. No reason to stain the carpets. Hopefully he’s not the shotgun type that blasts everywhere.

  • I like to think shes just too busy jerking him off.

  • I would love to j*** him off

  • Until a j*** EXPLOSION

  • I want him to c um in my mouth

  • Weakness. Boys should learn to wait until they are married and even then only o***** after their wife has been satisfied several times.

  • The first part is ludicrous, the idea that a male could get through puberty without masturbation is laughable.. the second a good idea, s** is more than intercourse, it is foreplay. O***** seems to tire a man out more than a woman, so taking care of her first is essential.

  • With complete supervision, a boy should be able to abstain

  • I agree. Firm boundaries. Doors open. Supervision. Lots of sport and physical activity

  • Did you know that parents need to sleep and work? There is no stopping teenagers from masturbating unless you tie their hands behind their backs or lock them in a chastity belt like its the 1500s.

    Getting and keeping in shape is a boost to the libido. You and this poster are either morons or monsters. I leave you to decide which.

  • Masturbation should be encouraged! It is something a mother and son can do together

  • Rubbish

  • More balderdash, bye

  • It normal what he does. I saw my son do it hundreds of times. Some people would say it wrong, but I let him m********* facing me on the couch. I would face him wearing a rope and open it so he could she my body. Were would be very close and I let him touch me also. I had found gay p*** on his PC and wanted him to be straight. So allow masturbating over me kept him from going gay.

    I didn't even mind when he c** on me. As he got older I masturbated with him. And on his 18th birthday we made love. It was better than with another man in my life.

    He is married now, but masturbating together is our thing. His wife has a very low s** drive it seems. So every Thursday night he stays over and we play for hours. He knows only we can give each other the pleasure we need. On Friday morning it s** before work.

    We both are fulfill sexually then until Thursday.

  • Honestly just be happy you didn’t catch it up til now. Like most boys he probably started around 10/11. I wouldn’t even mention it now. I’m sure he’ll be a bit more careful and if not than he clearly doesn’t care. He’ll continue doing it 1-2x a day until someone comes into the picture that assists, then again, so long as he is safe, nothing to fret about. -JD

  • Talk to him and ask if he wants any help to relieve him. At his age frequent masturbation is quite normal. Let not him to think it is sin, and you may lend your hand to finish him off with his o******. I am now in my late 40s, 15 yrs ago I had helped him when he was a teenager. Only once he wanted to see my b**** while masturbating, I opened my blouse to let him fondle my b**** while he was in the act. Yes, I did give bj many times but never had full s** with him. But I think that would have been better for me as I need sexual release, sometimes!!

  • Where did he c**? swallow?

  • Dont listen to the s** maniacs over here first of all. Try to talk to him and use fear as technique to stop this from happening. Make him aware of side effects of pre mature ejeculation and the forth coming results

  • Lmao, what side effects, increased tissue budget?

  • When I was 14 I used to have wet dreams so my mother told me to m********* more I used to m********* 3-4 times a day I used to do it in front of my mother and sometimes she d help me and it ended up that we'd m********* together this went on till I had a girlfriend she always wanted to know what we had got up to if we was having intercourse she gave lots of advice how to satisfy a woman glad we had this friendship as mother and son

  • There nothing better than your own mum's hand around your c*** or even better her mouth.

  • Look at the benefits, less risk of forearm injury. I'd bet he is going 2-3x a day anyway.
    Mom keeps barging in and he's going to start to get really good at getting it out really fast from start to finish so as not to be interrupted again.

  • Some moms would want to see it. I say you should walk in on him and finish him off. But if that is not for you then just say "all teen boys do this, it's normal. I'll knock from now on."

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