Submissive by nature

I grew up with mostly girls, which I guess adds to the fact that I’m totally submissive, like I just enjoy being controlled, I feel so wrong about it

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  • I’d like to find somebody to submit to, but it’s hard

  • Are you married to a dominant person?

  • No I wish

  • My wife is submissive. A good Christian girl. We met at church. Not long after we were married we began talking about wifely submission. We used to practice her being sexually submissive. Like I would just say I would like ** and she would take off her ** and lie down and I would take her. She would lie totally still so she did not get aroused so it was an act of service.

  • On our wedding night I took out a girly magazine and played with myself while my sub wife turned the pages and I talked about how pretty the girls were. Now I tell her to get down on her knees and open her mouth or get on the bed and spread. I ** so quickly she won't get aroused. Next I'm planning on bringing a very shy guy at work home and have her dress provocatively to try and seduce him. After he pays her a dollar I can call her a cheap **.

  • I'm married hetro guy. Submissive as **. My wife wants me strong and masculine and I like that. I like being strong and fit. I do stuff with the guys. Jet ski, scuba, 4WD, camping. She does stuff with the girls - pedicure, girly stuff. And we do lots together. But she is totally in charge. She controls me. I have to ask permission to go out with the guys. In bed she initiates. She directs. She makes me abstain. Sometimes I don't get to ** for weeks. So much tease.

  • ** disgusting get help with your ** addiction

  • Love this type of marriage. I am like this to my husband. If he is with the guys if they decide to do something, he tells them, "I need to call the wife." In front of the guys, I give permission or not.
    One time I called his friend & told him to tell my husband, he did not fold the laundry properly & he needed to come home "NOW". This embarrassed my husband, but he loves it too. He wants people to know that am in charge 100%.
    His sister came over & my husband was being punished by standing in the corner. I made him tell her what he did & I explained to her, "Boys need to be disciplined to stay happy."
    She agreed.

  • Find a real man! If he likes that believe me this weirdo you are married to is a ** addict! Total unnatural emasculating bs disgusting

  • Seems you are totally her **.

  • Hi I am gay and love submissive guys anytime. I do wear nylon ** and bras and love to give enemas to my partners as I am very experienced at gay ** and enemas. Email me at anytime if you are interested.

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