Submissive by nature

I grew up with mostly girls, which I guess adds to the fact that I’m totally submissive, like I just enjoy being controlled, I feel so wrong about it

May 20, 2020

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  • I’d like to find somebody to submit to, but it’s hard

  • Are you married to a dominant person?

  • No I wish

  • My wife is submissive. A good Christian girl. We met at church. Not long after we were married we began talking about wifely submission. We used to practice her being sexually submissive. Like I would just say I would like s** and she would take off her panties and lie down and I would take her. She would lie totally still so she did not get aroused so it was an act of service.

  • On our wedding night I took out a girly magazine and played with myself while my sub wife turned the pages and I talked about how pretty the girls were. Now I tell her to get down on her knees and open her mouth or get on the bed and spread. I c** so quickly she won't get aroused. Next I'm planning on bringing a very shy guy at work home and have her dress provocatively to try and seduce him. After he pays her a dollar I can call her a cheap w****.

  • I'm married hetro guy. Submissive as f***. My wife wants me strong and masculine and I like that. I like being strong and fit. I do stuff with the guys. Jet ski, scuba, 4WD, camping. She does stuff with the girls - pedicure, girly stuff. And we do lots together. But she is totally in charge. She controls me. I have to ask permission to go out with the guys. In bed she initiates. She directs. She makes me abstain. Sometimes I don't get to c** for weeks. So much tease.

  • My Goddess uses me and makes me suck c*** while I support her and her man and I enjoy doing this

  • Seems you are totally her b****.

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