Cheating at the beach

Three years ago we rented a beach house with our married friends, Gena & Doug. One evening, Gena went to a contemporary music concert would be getting home late. Doug doesn’t like contemporary and didn’t go. My husband had drank an entire bottle of whiskey and fell asleep on the couch. Doug and I were sitting out back talking and smoking pot. He made a comment about my small feet and pedi. I’m size 5, then asked if he could give my ‘cute feet’ a massage. I sat on the rail as he gave my feet an amazing massage. We started flirting. He massaged one foot while I rubbed his crotch with the other. He spread my legs, stood close, took my hand, placed it on his hard p**** and said I could return the favor. I asked if I needed to return the favor by hand, foot or maybe another way as I pulled my swim bottoms to the side. He unzipped his khaki shorts and stuck his p**** out. It was dark but I could tell he was very thick. I slid my toes up and down his p**** then he opened my legs, rubbed the tip against my entrance and pushed inside. This position wasn’t comfortable and only allowed him to get half of his p**** inside. His slow smooth rhythm had me on edge and I had to bite my lower lip to stay quiet. We made the best of the moment and he was able to finish.

I never told my husband. Doug never told his wife. I’m glad things haven’t been awkward or different. It was the most thrilling and exciting experience I’ve ever had. If given another opportunity, I would have s** with him again

May 22, 2020

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  • I've done stuff like this. Mostly before I was married. Anyways, I've always found it HOT when it happens. That's why I've never told my husband

  • I love an honest woman! You'd do it again....;) that was super sexy and erotic!

  • That's hot. Did you let him c** inside you?

  • Yes. Why else would you let a c*** inside of you if you don’t let it fill you with c**.

    It’s a sin to pull out and waste it

  • Nice.

  • Why do people need to get drunk or high on drugs to get over their inhibitions.

  • Because the Are inhibitions. If they weren't you wouldn't need drugs. That's what they are for. Try it sometimes.... you'll find that stick will fall right out of your ass. 😉

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