My first time

When I was 14 I became aware of boys sexually, idk just a thing that happened some time later I saw my brothers p**** for the first time I walked in on him dancing naked in the shower I was like omg I’m sorry but I could not get it out of my head that’s long floppy thing I dreamed about it one night I went in my brothers room while he was asleep and I well pulled his pjs down and I was just rolling his b**** between my fingers, well he woke up and wasn’t happy about it he said he was gonna tell mom I said no please I just was well I just I wanna touch it, he said okay but only if I get to see yours I’m like okay mines a little different I felt weak as he put his hands down my panties and fondled my v***** it felt so good the next night my parents were out of town it was just the two of us we were watching a movie, he began to kiss me and caressing my b****** I got weak in the knees and dropped on them he pulled his p**** out it was hard, long, thick I put my mouth on it like some kind of natural instinct I began to suck I wanted more and more after a while I leaned back on the couch with my legs raised he pulled my panties down fondled my v***** it was so good when he took his finger and spread my lips apart I felt so safe and happy, there’s like little magical spots on the inside and he knew all the buttons to push I was soak and wet when he stuffed my chicken I just, took it I got flipped over and pounded from the back, side, head in the pillow my v***** was burning in pleasure as I could feel his b**** slap against my little ladies he pulled and and I looked at it and got splattered with itcky white stuff, we laid back on the couch I feel asleep sucking on his p****, I sucked on it all night long

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  • You did good.

  • I hope your parents find out.
    your a s*** for s******* your brother

  • My mom cought me and my brother doing stuff yesterday and the f*** b**** spanked us and now were also freak grounded. she is lucky i did not slap her in the face.

  • What are you doing now then?

  • Seem like the troll comes out at night

  • I’m surprised you read the whole thing, guess you don’t have much else to do huh

  • This reads just like the made-up story posted here about the guy who has s** with his horse ahem Spirit. Gotta be the same twisted sister. Writes like a 5th-grade dropout.

  • It’s all in the text this written by a girl anyone noticed the word p**** wasn’t used uh girls don’t like the word (p****)

  • Twisted sister?

  • Way to judge! Yet here you are reading articles on the site

  • Fake and written by a boy.

  • When I was 12 my brother and I used to think it was funny to moon at each other. He was a year older than me. One day we were in my bedroom and I slipped my panties down, bent over, and mooned at him but without saying anything he dropped to his knees and as quick as a flash he licked my ass. In my surprise I pulled away, but then I laughed and dared him to do it again. He did. It felt so weird having my brothers tongue licking my butt-hole, but it did feel good. After that we did it quite regularly, usually after school, and even after I'd 'been' that day, it didn't seem to bother him.

  • My brother used to lick me feet and suck my toes, and my friend's brother used to sniff her knickers. Brothers can be weird, but it can be good fun indulging them!

  • Me and my sisters fool around all the time..

  • I’m so stiff now! I need to drain my heavy sack!

  • There’s a tag regret, I don’t reget

  • It looks like you are really fond of sucking me too how about we meet up and apply 69 position

  • Really?
    why bother writing?

  • Why are some people obsessed with s** so much, they post obsessions, sick desires, fetishes and forbidden fantasises on web sites like these? S** itself isn't a big deal. Each to their own

  • Be my sister as well honey i will make you more happy

  • Ur. Brothers lucky to f*** ur virgin c*** how old was he

  • 15 he he

  • Did you ever speak to any of your female relatives, with that dirty mouth of yours! If you have/had a loving and respectful bond with any of your female relatives, in theory you wouldn't state such disgraceful and crass things regarding a females genital's and so forth, who would?

  • Leave her alone f*** face im a girl 13 and who do yo think you are..

  • F uck you started late. You only became interested in the opposite s ex at 14 years of age. I was playing doctors and nurses when I was five and I was putting my fingers in places where they shouldn't be - like in 5 year olds
    f annies.

  • Like you i started fingering my next door neighbour's young daughter i was twenty five and she was ten she one day she came in my house and sat down by me and i noticed her legs were open and could she had no nickers on. so i then slide my hand up her skirt and stoked her ten year old c***, she gave me smile and that feels very nice as i slipped my middle finger up her young virgin c*** and i could feel her hymen. i said can i see your young p**** and she said yes and pulled her dress up and opened her legs wide, i could not take my eyes of her wonderful young c***, i said would like too see my c***. She replied oh yes please. i said i know what why don't we get undress and then we can see each other we both stripped off and i could not take my eyes off this beautiful ten year old young woman as i stripped off all my clothes. I then slipped my hand between her thighs and stroked her c*** and slipped my middle finger between her p**** lips as she sighed and said Oh that feel nice as i began to frig her off as she took hold of my c***. we were playing with each other for sometime and i decided i wanted to f*** her. i said i want to put my c*** in you and f*** you sweetheart what do you think, she said OH yes please f*** me now so i got on top of her as she open her legs i pushed my seven inch c*** up her minge. She was saying Oh yes yes i love it your c*** f****** me. We were f****** for twenty minutes when i felt waas going to c**, i said are you ready because i'm going to c** in your womb as i began to fire all my s**** in her c*** and flooded her womb,as my c*** slowly began too soften and slipped out of her. We lay there for sometime recovering from our experience. We carried on f****** each other for five years till they moved away. we kept in touch till she got married.

  • I do this with my three daughters...

  • How old are daughters?

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