I've always been happiest when I date a mean girl

I've dated 7 girls as of now out of which 4 girls were mean as f*** and for some reason I always used to like it.

First time I ever experience this was when I broke up with my first gf and she started treating me like s***, even used to call me dumb a****** is front of everyone.

I've never let anyone know this yet but I secretly enjoy when my gf's are mean to me.



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  • My ex loved to humiliate me and pressured me to wear panties. For her I started to wear some and that would give her more reason to call me names like sissy and fairy. Then she threatened me by saying that she needed a real boyfriend who could satisfy her. She became so happy with her lover that she left me. About once a week she calls to tell me that she's coming by to visit and I should dress up in girly clothes for more humiliation. I now love doing what she commands.

  • It's always crazy when your ex calls you and tells you to be a little sissy. My current girlfriend usually makes me wear her panties and nothing else.

  • Mean b****** are the best. I mean, ALL women are b******, but the mean ones are the best. Damn!!

  • You're a submissive (sub). It's your nature. Dominant (dom) women will love you most. Enjoy groveling at their beautiful feet and eating from their beautiful a****. You will have a wonderful life and you will always have more women than you can handle. Eat that nasty ass all day.

  • I guess I'll have to call my ex.

  • So like do you prefer a girl who laughs at your little D when you’re doing it? Or only when she tells her friends about it for laughs

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