I did not know it but at the age 14 I was moderately hung I had 11 in my mom caught me masturbating one day I was embarrassed as h*** she explained to me there was nothing wrong with what I was doing asked if I would like some teachings to do it right I said yes discontinued up instead of time we had s** at 18 Angela long sexual relationship with my mother until she passed a few years back I miss are slow long sessions together it felt so good

May 25, 2020

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  • The same thing happened to me. My mom had the s** talk with me & I asked about jerking off. She told me it was normal & I asked her to show me. ( I had already been doing it for about 2 months) She said no at first then I put the guilt trip on her. So she had me lay down on her bed and told me to take off my pants while she got a washcloth. When she came back I was naked and had on the hardest b****. She stopped in her tracks and made a comment about my size and maybe we should rethink this. I told her maybe Billy could show me?. ( my best friend ). She gave in. She pumped me and I stared at her t***. I was trying to hold off. I told her I always pictured her naked & loved her body. Then I surprised her & me with my load. It shot out & kept coming. My mother was surprised and got red but kept pumping until I was done. She cleaned me up with 2 washcloths. Then I laid there talking to her & she told me to get dressed but I kept talking. Then she noticed I was hard again. I placed her hand on me & helped her slowly pump me. She softly said something about naughty boys. I reached under her shirt and started feeling her t***. I told her I needed something to help me c**. She removed her top & bra. I felt her up while she finished me off.

  • What a crock of crap

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