I cheated

I cheated on my boyfriend while in a long distance relationship, and lied to him about it all year long. I feel horrible.

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  • No I didn't I used a few words and asked if I could. that is not cheating the fact that he chooses not to respond shows what a cheater he is.

  • you are sick

  • BLAH BLAH BLAH,hey PSYCHO,i dare you to set his house on fire.

  • Well, make right from hereon in. Whether you tell him is your business. Of course, you could tell him: hey, how about if you have one fling, just to see what it's like? But not sure that would be smart.

  • Are you still with him? Do you think he had any idea?

  • Chances are he cheated on you too. And maybe he doesn't feel as horrible.

  • don't fell horrible u grab

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