Family reunion

Few days ago we had a family get together for the first time since march,my 26yo sister turned up wearing heels stockings and a very short skirt she was acting differently i just thought it was because we haven't seen each other for a long time and around 1 in the morning i walked her home,not long after we left are parents she said so you wanted to f*** me then i found an old book that you written in,she told me i had until she got to her home to act on it or it will never happen,we didn't speak much for the next 10 minutes then i grabbed her and pushed her up against someone's wall pulling off her knickers and f***** her hard it only took a minute before i was done,she said i should of told her long before and not wasted all those years, we walked a bit further and i kissed her and had her again this time she finished me off by giving me a b******,she's a moaner and worried her neighbours will start asking questions.

Dec 19, 2020

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  • More bollocks from that illiterate paki
    Just look at the poor spelling and atrocious grammar.

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