Old dog , new trick

I am a 52 year old man who has been married for 25 years. A few months ago I began to watch gay p*** and found myself aroused by it. I couldn't understand why. Soon after that I registered on a gay social app. I matched with a guy my age and we enjoyed chatting. It just seemed so natural. A couple of weeks into this new relationship my wife went out of town to visit her mother. My new friend suggested we get together and just hang out. I was worried about him telling my wife but he assure me that wouldn't happen. Nervously I agreed to go to his house one night. In person he was nice looking and in shape. He was also a really cool guy. We were instantly comfortable with each other as we talked and had some drinks. He asked me if I wanted things to go further and without even thinking I said yes. We began to touch each other and that lead to him kissing me. Again , it felt so natural. We made out hot and heavy , our hands exploring each other's hard ons through our pants. Without any words we undressed and went to his bed. We lay there kissing and feeling each other , my hand stoking his hard d***. My mouth went from his lips , to his neck , to his nipple and then for the first time , I sucked a d***. I was not ready for the ecstasy that flooded my senses. I had never been this turned on in my life. His d*** was about average but thick , veiny with a big head. I sucked his d*** and b**** like I knew what I was doing. He moaned as pre c** flooded my mouth. He then told me it was my turn. I lay on my back as I let another man give me a b******. Ive had thousands of b******* in my life but it never felt Ike this. I gently pinched my nipples as his mouth worked it's magic. After only a few mins I could feel my load building. I breathlessly told him I didn't want to c** yet. He then asked me if I wanted to f***. He provided condoms and lube. After we geared up he bent over the bed and asked me to f*** him. That's the one thing my wife would never do. I teased his a****** with the tip of my fairly large d*** until he said stick it in. His b******* was a little hard to penetrate even with the lube but then it slid right in. Before I knew I was b**** deep into another man's ass and it felt wonderful. Even with the condom on it felt so smooth and tight. Nothing like a v*****. As i pumped in and out of him the muscles of his ass sucked my d*** like the softest younger ever. My hands held his hips tight as my thrusts became more intent. He moaned as he jacked off but I told him not to c**. As soon as I felt my load build again I slid out to recover , desperately holding it in. Then I bent over the bed and told him to f*** me before I changed my mind. He swiftly got behind me and gently slid his thick c*** in my virgin ass. It burned and hurt for a couple of mons. He asked if I was ok but I told him to just f*** me. His hands were holding me tight as he pumped in and out of my ass. The feeling was intense. My whole body was on fire. As he kissed my back while he f***** me hard he suddenly groaned loudly. His body was shaking as he spilled his load inside me. We both were breathless as he slowly pulled out. The condom was still on his hard d***. I quickly sat on the edge of the bed , removed the condom and sucked his d***. As i sucked him licked the c** from his softening d*** as his hands ran through my hair.y d*** was aching to realease so he got on his knees and sucked me until I exploded in his mouth. We shared an intense c** kiss. After it was all over we agreed to meet up again. Maybe I should tell my wife?

May 26, 2020

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  • I think it’s great of you ti come out like this. Better now than never. I think something happens when your around the age of 50. You kinda get the feeling that it’s now or never? I think I could do it if my wife were with me and it’s the right person with the right d***, as I have fantasize about this fairly regularly. I have sucked on a strap on that a girl at a rub and tug wore and enjoyed it. She was quite impressed with the quality of my b******* and commented on it several times, probably from the amount of b****** p*** I watch. Maybe some day?

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