my family does not know...

I'm in college. My family and girlfriend back home don't know that I have a bad cocaine habit and I owe my dealer, big time, because he has spotted me so many times when I didn't have the money to pay for the cocaine. I told my piece-of-crap dealer that I would pay him off little by little but he said that that was not good enough. He said he wanted me to act in these gay-p*** films that one of his buddies produces and the guy would pay my dealer for each film I do until my debt is paid off. At first, I was like, "H*** No! I'm STRAIGHT!!! But he started telling me stuff like, "Being in a gay-p*** film doesn't make you gay" and "Plenty of straight guys do gay-p***" and "If you do this, you will have me paid off in no time so you won't have to do it for long" and all this other stuff. It's been eight months! I can't believe I listened to this guy! What's bad is that I haven't actually paid that much of my debt down because I keep calling my dealer to spot me some more coke. To be honest, I'm not even sure how much I owe the guy at, this point. And what's even worse, and I am really ashamed to say this, is that I have started to really like doing the gay-p***. I'm really liking the gay-s**. BUT I AM NOT A F*****!!! But, jeez, gay s** is addictive! When I did my first oral-s** scene where I this gay guy was sucking my d***, the director said, "Just act like you're aroused." I didn't have to act. That guy sucked my d*** so good, I came like gang-busters right into his mouth. I had never come that hard, before. And then I was still hard and he sucked my d*** again and I came like gang-busters, again. It was amazing. I hate that I liked it, but I did like it. I still do. I even like a*** s**, now. They told me they would pay more if I let one of the other guys butt-f*** me, so I let this guy butt-f*** me. At first it hurt like a son-of-a-b****, but then, after the first few of strokes, it felt amazing! Now, I come sooo hard when I'm being butt-f*****. I'm even dating a guy, now, but it is SOOOO on the down-low. We don't go out, at all. We mostly just f*** like crazy! And with him, it's full on s**, we kiss, we f***, we suck each others d****, the whole thing. Sometimes he'll be sucking my d*** when I'm on the phone with my girlfriend back home. But she has nothing to worry about because, again, I know I'm not gay. I know this is just a phase I'm going through like some women go through a lesbian phase. But this is probably the best s** I've ever had. And, as soon as I get my dealer paid off and get over this phase in my life, everything will be back to normal.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • As a gay guy, I think you and all your "gay4pay" buddies, should get out of the gay p*** business. Our community is in a heated civil rights fight for gay marriage and equality rights, and all you people do is make it look like our orientation is a choice, and the Christians are loving it.

  • I suggest that you get help. You are out of control. Deal with your cocaine habit and then worry about your feelings for men. Would it be so terrible if you did care for them? Consider how is would make you feel if your girlfriend was hiding something like that. Maybe tell her? She could help you.

  • Hot!!!

  • Normal? Ha! Your going to have an STD or end up with don't just play around with s** like u r doing

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