Son's room, stash found, plus a little extra

I was cleaning my son's room the other day, found a box under his bed. He is 14 yo. Inside was a mess of confusion. I was shocked to find a bag of weed, some pipes and papers. But most shocking, I found 3 pairs of my panties. I found a cellphone that had pictures of me getting dressed, a couple of videos of me getting in and out of the shower (taken from under the door) , but most shocking was a video of him coming in my room in the middle of the night, slowly pulling the covers down and lifted my nightshirt exposing my body, he stood there a minute, then took his fingers and rubbed something on my lips (I got a pretty good guess what it was).

Super confused, not mad, but confused

May 26, 2020

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  • It’s obvious a man with a gross fetish wrote this. Not a woman, and most definitely not a mother.

  • While my Niece who was staying with us for her higher studies left for some local purchase, I searched her hand bag which was left behind and found a packet of condom of which four out of ten was missing. I further searched her laptop and found some p***. On further search I found her nude photos also which seems to have been shared with her boyfriend as one boy's erect p**** photos were also in it but nothing of sexy videos of herself. But I knew she was f****** some boyfriend.

  • Fake post? How are you notad

  • How are you not mad*

  • What's to be confused about? He wants to f*** you, and I tend to think that the thought has crossed your mind.

  • When I was 12 or so and that was many many years ago, I wanted to see my sister and or mothers b****. Knowing That it would have been almost impossible to see Bush, I tried to see them in the shower. We only had the one bathroom with an outside window which was at an angle to mom’s bedroom. If I looked from mom’s bedroom window I could see into the window of the bathroom. The bathroom window had a beveled glass so you could not see in but in the summer I decided to open the window just so and with some luck might get to see my prize. I can’t remember if I saw my sister but at least once I got to see my moms b**** and you can imagine how excited I got . Now days some 60 years later, not only can you see most anything on the internet but to see your mother back when most everyone did not try to show everything was very exciting for 12 year old

  • Wow. I'm amazed. weak parents making weak kids. Boys in particular need total supervision.

  • It's obvious he's wanking over you,
    Probably while sniffing your dirty knickers and while watching you shower.
    I did similar when I was 14 and my mum was 46. It's natural.
    Does it secretly excite you knowing that your son wanks over you ?

  • It just leaves me really confused. I feel violated and embarrassed. My son has been very reclusive since his dad died. He has seemed in much better spirits lately. Idk

  • We all jerked off to our mothers scent if her used parties

  • Before I comments, how old are you ?
    I might have an idea to help you.

  • Oh my God... You found a bag of weed! LOL
    I usually have suggestions to give, but I am at a loss here. What do you plan on doing?

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