Young girl

For a younger teen girl what is the best age for her first time

Jun 8, 2020

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  • You know why the Bible says wait till your married?!?! Because. Ask anyone who's had s** years ahead of marriage... How much heart ache they went through your self the trouble. Find someone who won't just leave ya after y'all get off.....

  • I’m 48, been married 24 years.

    I lost my virginity when I was 13. I f***** a ton of guys between 13 and the time I met my husband.

    I have not been with another man since I met my husband. He is a wonderful loving man.

    I only wish that I was not such a c** dumpster in my younger days. I really would have loved to give my virginity to the love of my life.

    Not just some guy high school football player I met at a party and never saw again.

    Your virginity is a special gift.

    Don’t waste it

  • I'm 15 now and i lost mine at 13, honestly if your h**** and you know what your doing go ahead but don't do it just to get it over with if you reallly wanna have s** jus go girl

  • My sister lost her virginity at 13 as well but I'm unfortunately it wasn't me who was her first! :(

  • 12 is average for a girl... that is at least what 6 different gfs have told me. They were sucking d*** even younger

  • As they should be

  • Puberty should be the deciding factor not age

  • It’s normal to be around 16-17 to lose it, but it’s perfectly fine to lose your virginity lower or higher than the average. However if you do plan on losing it below 18 assure yourself that you partner is around your age, don’t let pedophiles tell you otherwise and take advantage of you

  • About 13

  • Lower

  • Do not rush it. Although it is normal for teens to have s** it is not the optimal choice. Wait a bit, get to know someone decent, eventually you learn a lot of things, especially about yourself. You Will know what you like or not. In the end you will know when you are ready.

  • Puberty normally

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