Them and us .

Bring back racial segregation , all this lovey dovey crap about blacks and whites being equal will not work out well . Blacks commit most of the crimes , it's in their nature to be criminals , so don't think that blacks can ever be trusted , not for a minute , because they can't .

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  • Whites can't be trusted and white people are criminals too

  • I'm more irritated with white people talking down to other white people, saying no not all lives matter its black lives matter. Stfu you trendy c*nts! Most of these idiots don't actually care, its trend. Virtue signaling so they look wholesome to the internet world and people congratulate them for sharing or posting it.

    Obviously black lives matter, white, yellow, red brown, etc. we're all human. All flesh and blood and we exist on this speck of dust for only a moment. We as people these days seem to only be obsessed with skin color and sexuality and that is your entire identity. Shallow and ridiculous.

  • Absolutely correct. People are born equal.
    Everything else is an attitude choice.

  • Every now and then I see evidence that there are a few other people on here with their heads on straight. Wish I could Like your comment more than once!

  • I'm guessing you are American.
    I'm white and British.
    The white Americans have caused the problems with coloured people over many years in the USA and around the world by mistreating them and abusing them.
    Under that coloured skin there is a person no different to you and I.

    All people are born equal.
    Racism is a choice and causes problems.
    The American attitude that the majority of the president doesn't help.
    Americans seem to think that you own the world and can do as you please.
    911 was payback for interference in other countries affairs.
    I'm not defending the terrorists but George Bush and our Prime Minister Tony Blair got what they deserved with 911 and the London bombings.
    We can't mistreat people and expect them not to retaliate.
    I have many black and Asian friends , some in very senior positions in private companies and one that trains the police to catch paedophiles on the internet.
    Change your attitude, respect every race and colour and the world will be a better place.
    I hope one day Barrack Obama replaces the racist bullyboy thug currently m calling the shots in America

  • Obama had his 8 years and didn't do s*** for racial justice. Or global warming/green energy for that matter. Or end any wars.

  • Hear hear! Fellow Brit here, and it's exhausting watching the racist white Americans call everyone but themselves criminals when they quite literally brought to black and asian people nothing but crime (rape of their people and land, murder of their people, theft of land and artefacts etc) and problems since day dot.

    People need to exercise independent thought. Forget right or left. You're being conned dummies. That way, you'll separate fact from fiction, truth from lies, and real from propoganda.

    In other words, everyone needs to grow the f*** up. You're embarassing.

  • FUCKoff Britts you think your better then us.

  • I'm an American, and I'm firmly with them.

    Can't speak on their behalf, but I actually DO think I'm better than people who can't spell or keep their emotions in check long enough to have a coherent thought. What're you gonna do about that, cupcake?

  • You can't even f****** spell you thick yank c***. Look at your grammar:-
    You have used the word 'your' instead of 'you're'.

    Don't you know the difference b******* ?

  • That's because we ARE better than you.
    In British culture we are more considerate, more respectful of others and more disciplined and principled.
    Racism is illegal in Britain.
    We don't carry guns.

    We don't need to and you don't need to.
    To the major of us in our peaceful land
    (Peace is something Americans can only dream of ),
    Every human being is equal.
    As equal as the day they were born.
    I'm so lucky to have been born British by birth ,English by the grace God and ruled over by her majesty the queen not a thug if a president like Donald Trump.

  • The first sentence "That's because we ARE better than you". shows that you are racist.

  • There are many ways to be better than someone. Race has nothing to do with it. Shut up until you grow a few brain cells, and have Mommy change your pi$$ed-up diaper!

  • Racism is also illegal here to. But your criminals carry guns and knives and kill. I am glad I carry a gun. I have legally carried for 32 years and pulled it once and two thugs who tried to carjack me went to jail. And no, they weren't black.

  • I do understand your viewpoint but I must say that if criminals know that you are armed then they will ensure that they are.

    In Britain where being armed in any way in a public place is illegal we have very little armed crime, and if a situation does arrive the police , if not able to safely respond with Tasers call for highly trained firearm officers to assist.
    These specialist officers will always shoot to disable rather than to kill unless a life is in imminent danger hence we have much fewer deaths than America sure to gun crime.
    We also have far less massacres by butters with guns simply because guns are few and far between.
    On the point of your attempted carjacking,
    I would point out that possessions are insured and can be replaced.
    A life can never be replaced.

  • And youFucking Britts don't have murder, theft or raping at all. And your cops have long Firearms they carry. We have Yahoo UK here too. And You have the same race problems, murders, rapes and child molesters too. Your problem is your weak A$$ed judicial system. Some guy just was sentenced over there for pretending to be a girl and getting underaged boys to send him nude pics of them "400 plus pics"? Then threatened to send them out if they didn't take more pics of them in s** ual pose's. He also got his hands on 14 boys and had s ex with them. And all he got was ten years. In America he would have gotten life having to spend all of it in protective custody because if general population got a hold of him he would be killed. If I had my way they all would have gotten death.

  • Americans are dumb cannon b****. I'm laughing at the American American people. How pathetic.

  • Stop sniffing your nasty moms Knickers Her stank is effecting your brain.

  • People who can't type a coherent sentence have no room thinking someone else's brain has been "effected".

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