So close yet so far.

I posted on here a year or so ago about trying to nail my mother in law after she moved in with me to help with kids due to my wife's sudden and untimely passing. I had been trying to get some sort of indication as to what her interest level would be and just simply being nice to her but also once in a while dropping an awkward comment about how good she looked or something.
Well, It's been three years now and I stepped things up a little and I think it worked well and if I play it right I might actually get to nail her. To start off a brief review, My mother in law was never married, Two daughters out of wedlock and their dad bolted and ended up dead on the other side of the country two years later, She never did marry, Dated a little and I hinted to my wife one time about how I thought maybe her and the other single woman she spent a lot of time with were maybe a couple. My wife made it very clear that it was an inappropriate comment but that if they were it was none of our concern, I am not sure really why she never settled down and hooked up with a nice guy but she seemed to start a relationship and next thing you know it would be over.
She is a good looking woman for 63 and a very average body, nice face, Walks miles everyday and hasn't been with a guy in at least 9 years so lately I have been letting her catch me checking her out, One day she was bent over in the kitchen and I was sitting in my chair having coffee, I let her catch me looking and get a full look at the fact I was rock hard then awkwardly excused myself from the room once I let her know that I knew she knew. She is very shy and quiet which makes any time I do something just that much hotter, One morning she came into the kitchen in just a pair of pyjammas and when she seen me she got nervous and said "Oh...Hi...I was just going to grab a coffee", I invited her to go ahead and she nervously covered her b****** with her arm but when she put sugar in her coffee and stirred it her b****** jiggled and I made sure she caught me looking then again awkwardly adjusted my erection and left the room.
A while later it happened again but she had a housecoat on and had just got out of the shower, She again poured a coffee and while she was fidgeting around the one side puffed out and I got my first ever peek at any sort of nudity from her, I stopped and stared straight into her housecoat and she fully caught me, She said "ooop, Sorry" and fixed her housecoat and bolted for the bedroom. After the kids were off to school and so on I sat down, She came and appologized to me and I said "Hey, If people are going to live together and be around each other this much things are bound to happen and be seen, Don't worry about it, I'm not" "She just nodded and said ok", I didn't want to leave it at that so I said "Seriously, It's all good and you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about", She kind of squinted and turned away then turned back and said "What does that mean?", I said "What?" and she said "Uh...What you just said" I said "Oh...Uh...Sorry I just meant that..." and I kept making a motion that i was cupping a breast and said "I just mean...I only seen one but it was a very nice breast...You have really nice b******".
My heart was racing in anticipation of her response which was a couch and a head scratch and "Uh...Ok...Uh" and then she left the room, I went to the bathroom attached to my bedroom and turned on the shower but left the door open and went back and forth to the kitchen and living room a couple times, I seen her coming out of her bedroom and went into my room, Closed the door halfway and went to the other side of the room, I whipped off my clothes as fast as I could and it worked perfectly, I had planned to walk past the door naked but instead she walked up, Knocked on the door and being she thought I was around the corner in the bathroom she walked right in.
She stopped and gasped, Choked and put her hand up not at all blocking her view and kept looking at my erection then at the wall and back at my erection, She said "Oh god, i'm sorry, I'll talk to you later" and I said "Stop", She stopped and I said "Honestly...It's fine, I don't care...For real, Just get it out of the way and look", She put her hand down and looked right at my h******, I like to think it's a decent size, Definitely above average and she hasn't seen one in real life for quite a while, I waited about 5 seconds and said "It's fine" and stepped toward her, She stepped back and up against the wall, I said "Go ahead" and we both looked down, She said "Go ahead what?" and I said "Whatever, Touch it, Feel it, Whatever" and she coughed again and said "Oooh no, no...I don't".
I felt at that moment I was losing her so I took her by the wrist and she never even resisted as I put her hand on it, I watched her as she looked down and gulped then stroked it twice and took her hand away, She closed her eyes and I said "I want to...If you do", She opened her eyes and said "You mean...Ooohh no, no" I put my hand on her hip and slid it up to bare skin then leaned in and kissed her neck as she turned away, I whispered "We can both help each other" and I kept getting a bit closer until We were pressed together and I lifted her shirt just enough that my d*** was pressing against her bare tummy since she is considerably shorter than me.
She put her hands up and said "You don't want to...", I leaned back just enough to make room for her hands and grabbed both of them putting them on my c***, she cleared her throat and took a breath but as she did she shuddered and I knew I had her, I closed the door and the blinds were already shut so I turned off the lights and turned her around, I pressed forward until she sat on the bed putting her face level with my c***, I put my hand on the back of her head and she gulped, Opened her mouth and I put my c*** in her mouth.
She closed her eyes and started sucking me while breathing heavy, I sld my hand in her shirt and started playing with her b******, They're not big, Not firm, and they're wrinkly but her nips were ready to cut glass, I got her top off and her bra off and yeah, Whatever, They are 63 year old b****** that fed two kids many years ago but those nips, I whispered for her to lay down and she shook her head no, I said "Lay down and let me f*** you", She shook her head no and kept sucking so I started pinching her nips and lifting her b****** by her nips which made her whimper but she kept sucking and finally I just couldn't hold out and grabbed her by the head holding her head as I came.
She started out swallowing in big gulps and then she choked and gagged and a bunch dribbled down onto her t*** and smeared it all over them, She regained her rythm and sucked me perfectly slowing her pace as my load slowed, When she was sure it was all over she leaned back, Wiped her chin and I said something, She just waved me off and grabbed her stuff walking topless to her room, I followed and she went to swing the door shut but I stopped it, i stood in her doorway naked and she looked at me, I said "Are you ok?", she stood there looking at the ceiling facing me cupping her t***, I said something else and she put up one finger on one hand up letting the old b*** it had been covering hang there. She said "I need...I just" and stepped toward the door letting both her old b**** hang as she just looked at me and closed the door.
I went and hurredly showered, Got dressed and went to the living room, I was super late for work but didn't care, I tried to wait but she didn't come out so I left, that night supper was nice, She was pleasant and after the kids were in bed she went to her room, I watch some tv and about an hour later, I guess once she thought the kids were in bed she came out, She sat down and stared at me for a minute and then we started talking. She explained how big of a mistake it was and how wrong it was and so on and so on as I listened intently, When she was done I said "I just want to say that it was amazing, I loved every second of it and if you ever want to I would be more than happy to return the favor" She said "No I mean that I don't think we should do it again", I said "I understand I just mean, Wow, You give amazing head".
She took a deep breath then stood up and put her hand on my shoulder then walked away, i am for sure going to keep working on this and I think I am going to f*** the s*** out of her.

Jun 9, 2020

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  • Marry her. Your wife is dead and you two are single. She will make you a good wife.

  • It’s dangerous territory.
    I had a short affair with my mother inlaw when my wife was pregnant .
    My wife was at work we lived next door to her parents. Her dad worked 12 hour night shift so he was in bed.
    It was not planned.
    Sure she was a milf
    She would of been 42 at time i was 23
    She was doing laundry and i went over to steel a pepsi from their fridge. She got it for me and we were talking like always. Now Joann is 5’2’
    Your average slim hips middle age mother but she did have this cute smile.
    We were talking and she kept looking down so I followed her site and saw my pants were unzipped. Ooops i say and zipped it up quickly.
    She laughed embarrassed like and said oh ive seen one before.
    Yea but you have not seen mine i said lit harted
    So outl of nowhere she said is it big?
    I was taken back but seeing the mood i said i can zip it back down if you want to look.
    She shh me and said keep it down Mike is sleeping.
    I went to go back to my house i turned and said
    Yea no one home next door i can make all the noise i want.
    10 minutes later she came over.
    Not even thinking i said oh so you want to see after all.
    She laughed and handed me some of our clothes she had washed.
    That wasnt a no i said when i put clothes on the table. She laughed again blushing some. Im just being playful so i get close to her and reach fir my zipper.
    She just gets quite and watched. It was a look that told me instantly she wanted me too.
    So i did. Then i un button them she was standing quit just looking . So i let my pants slip down nothing so i reach up and slowly pull my underwear and oull my c*** out which at this point is rock hard throbbing.
    I step forward and it was indescribable.
    We started kissing and ended up f****** her on the counter. It was so forbidden and exciting
    We f***** for A few months until guilt was getting to her and we stopped.

  • Wow! Wow!

    My GF caught me f****** her MOM last summer. Mrs Cotten was 50 and I was 18. Bailey dumped me immediately and told her father. So Mrs Cotten is now divorced and we do it often.

    Mrs Cotten was is soo much better than her daughter. Her b**** are a bit saggy but she gives incredible BJs and her fire red Bush is soo beautiful. So much sexier than being shaved.

    I’ll never forget when Bailey walked in. Mrs Cotten was riding my c***. She was about to c**. She said,” honey, Mommy is busy right now I’ll be out after we c**. You can watch but don’t tell your daddy. “

    She then started riding me hard. She moaned so loud and said “ oh honey. Thank you. This is the best f****** I’ve ever had!” She then dismounted me kissed my c*** and kissed me on the lips.

    She walked to Bailey kissed her on the head and said you better get him cleaned up. She got dressed and left the room saying, “ Bailey don’t you ever tell anyone about this and oh by the way. He is definitely a keeper.”

  • Rrrrriiiiiggggghhhhhttt.

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