Still awkward 2

She eventually got into her mouth and sucked me dry, I went soft and she looked around at the mess and her leaking **, She said "**, I have to shower" and got out of bed, I caught my breath and when I could hear the water changing like she was in the shower I went and climbed in. It took me literally 3 minutes to get hard again and bent her over in the shower, I pounded her and dumped a load on her back all over her big butterfly tramp stamp. She sat on the molded seat of the cheap shower insert, spread her legs and said "Wanna watch me shave" and I said "Fu@k no...I wanna shave it", She blurted out "HAHA" and then covered her mouth and looked at me, She put her hand down and said "Really?".
I nodded and next thing I know I had her all lathered up and she grabbed my hand and said "No shaving cream inside...And...Be careful", She sat with her legs spread watching me as I shaved my wife's older sisters pu$$y in the shower, I shaved her right bald and she said "Ooohhh, I don't usually...Um, I usually leave like" and then rubbed it and shrugged saying "You like it?" I nodded and started licking her again and then stood up and she said "Geez..You're hard again", I pulled her head forward and started face fu@king her. She pushed me back and got out of the shower, She spread a towel on the counter and hopped up sitting on it and spreading her legs, I shoved my d!ck in her and we were holding each other as I fu@ked her, Her t!ts were still leaking all over the place and I shoved deep inside her and grabbed her ** lifting her off the counter, She moaned "Ooooohhh my goooood" as i held her and carried her to the bedroom, I fu@ked her again on the bed and made her come one more time, She came so hard her legs were shaking and her whole body was convulsing as she screamed, I was a bit concerened about the neighbors but it was too late, She wet the bed again and all over both our thighs, She was moaning loudly and then started to cry, She maoned "Oh fu@k, I came again, I...What the **...How many times did I come?...she wiped her face and giggled saying "What the fu@k, Why am I crying?", I pounded her hard and pulled out shooting my load all the way up between her big **, She put her hand like a dam for her cleavage blocking her face.
When I finished she said "Towel...Please", I got up and stumbled on my wobbly legs to the dresser and tossed her a towel, She was shaking and twitching as she wiped my come off and said "Ahhh fu@k, I think you broke me", She tensed up and her whole body shook as I giggled, She twitched again and said "Fu@k...I think I'm still coming, she had her legs together and was like rocking her thighs, I grabbed both of her big fat nips and squeezed them hard pulling them, She kept openeing and closing her eyes and then openeing them wide again and then thrust her hip up and grunted then had the weirdest ** and just melted.
She pushed my hands away and twitched and gasped trying to catch her breath, I ran my hands over her body and she had her hands over her face, She moaned "Oh god, What did you do to me", I leaned in and her ** were still dribbling milk, I put my mouth right over her left one and sucked. Totally F'ed up but I didn't care, I kept eye contact with her and she opened her eyes wide, Looked down at me and pushed me away saying "Whoa, No, No, No...Fu@king weird, Nope", She got up and wiped herself off from the wet bed and I said "Fu@k your body is amazing", She looked own at herself, She had a couple stretch marks on her tummy and some cellulite in her thighs and **, She scrunched up her face and said "yeah, Uh no but..Thanks", I stood up infront of her and was half hard, I said "I just want to keep fu@king you all day", She looked down and grabbed my shaft stroking it as she said "Yeah...No...No that's done, I'm sore and I think you seriously fu@ked up something, My hand is twitching" which it was.
I said "You'll be fine, Happens to Amy too" which was a total lie but she put her head down and then looked at me and said "Really...Fu@kin really? You didn't just tell me that you fu@k my sister until she has involuntary spasms did you?", I nodded and she stopped stroking me and said "You are so hot...but so dumb", I stepped up closer and she pushed me back saying "Down puppy...We are done", She walked buck naked to the kitchen and stood at the sink, I walked up behind her and dropped to my knees, Grabbed her ** with both hands and gently bit one cheek, She squealed and pulled away, She spun around and stood me up, I pulled her close and said "If we jump back in the shower I'll toss your salad", She looked at me for a second and her eyes were doing weird things but she pushed me back and said "Nooo, I told you, We are done", I followed her to the bathroom and she turned on the shower then stood in front of the mirror, I stepped behind her and slid my hand down her stomach and cupped her pu$$y, She winced and pulled my hand away saying "Hey, For real...It's broken and off limits", I whispered in her ear "My offer to lick your a$$hole stands and then I'll fu@k it" and she spun around saying "Aaannnddd you lost me" "But for real, Seriously that" and she looked down and said "What the **, Why are you still hard?", I said "Not still...Again", She said "Good lord, What's wrong with you?".
She said "Ok, Lets go" and pulled me into the shower, She wiped of my ** and started sucking it, I said "Stand up", she shook her head no and said "Come like this or it's done" So I figured she was serious from the way she said it so I grabbed her hair and came in her mouth, She swallowed and sucked and squeezed my ** which already ached until I went soft for real, Like couldn't get it back up for two days after, We showered off and got dressed, She stripped the blankets off the bed and said "Fu@k, Guess I get to spend the next two hours down in the laundry".
I got dressed and we stood at the door kissing as she explained what would happen to me if I ever uttered a word to anyone about it. I left and didn't see her again until 3 months later at Christmas, She ignored me the whole time and pretended like she didn't remember me. 10 years later I am 29 and she is 46, It is still awkward when I am around her but she still looks great, her and her husband have 3 kids now and I seen her in a bathing suit a couple months back, Her t!ts are still big but just from what I could see they are super saggy and flop around wrinkling up whenever she moves or leans to one side, Overall her body is still decent and i would totally pound her again but she has played off like she is not a big fan of me for 10 years and I don't think we have had a single full conversation with just the two of us alone.

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Still awkward 1

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  • Such a shame. I’m 48 and a mother of three. And yes lactating ** is incredible. It actually ruins ** after that. My hubby did the same to me and it’s just not the same after lactation

    But if your ever in Texas and want to try. I’m open for it. Sounds like you know what to do

  • What part of Texas

  • Houston area and you?

  • Somehow this is a confession

  • No, it's a two-part cry for attention, which certain kinds of stupid people need more than air

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