Ron and I have been married for almost 15 years now and ever since about our 10 th year he has confided to me that he wanted to watch me with another guy and we have been so open about our past lives and we both know that in the past we each had s** with other people but we were married now and t just didn't seam right to me .
Off and on he brought this up and we talked about it we sometimes role played while having s** and he sometimes would whisper in my ear about his desires to watch me with another guy and I admit that I had some very powerful o****** and then one night not long ago after we finished he surprised me by going down on me and licking me clean .
God it tickled and I was laughing trying to push him away until it started to feel really good.
We would watch p*** sometimes together to get in the mood and I noticed that most of the p*** we watched were of married couples where the wife was f***** and the husband watched.
IDK if any of you have watched these clips but a couple we both liked was a dark haired woman that preferred black guys and she would let the guy c** in her then have her husband lick her clean.
We were watching her this time when Ron whispered I would love to watch you do that and I just laughed and when the guy came in her and she motioned crooking her finger for him to come over and lick her clean I said I will if you do what he is doing as the guys head was between his wife legs licking her as she laughed holding his head in her hands.
I was surprised as he said OK and I said you cant be serious but I was already moist now and Ron began to lick me god it was great and I was wondering what it would really be like to watch my macho husband lick another mans c** out of me.
Well neither of us said a word and right away Ron was going through adds from guys on Craig's list but all the guys lived hundreds of miles away so we began checking dating sites until we found a guy in Benicia about 6miles away He is black n his mid 40s and we probably did everything wrong because this was our first time .
Well we met with David at his apartment and I was a nervous wreck wanting to change my mind now that it was to late as we parked in front of his apartment and I could see him looking out the window at us.
I was very excited to and I felt like I was going to throw up my stomach was churning around so bad and I was afraid that I might fart my stomach felt bloated to.
Davis was a really nice guy and he saw that I was very nervous so he poured me a glass of wine and I siped it then we began to talk and I started to relax a little with the warm glow of the wine andwe explained what we wanted and he agreed to it then I wanted to see his c*** so he made me take my blouse and bra off first and he seamed pleased with my b****** complimenting me on them and I felt a warm glow of appreciation as hic c*** was exposed to me.
I was still nervous and I started to reach out for it but I stalled David took my hand and placed it on his c*** and I closed my fingers around it and I began to slowly stroke his c***.
David pulled me o him and we kisses and histongue slipped into my mouth .
I was feeling a litle braver now as I bega to suck on his tongue like it was his c*** and he had his fingers in me stroking me slowly
I was getting excited now and I stoked his thick c*** faster and I could feel my fluids now l o as David pushed me back onto the bed.
I knew that Ron was watching and I concentrated on David not wanting to see the look on his face as Davis was moving in between my legs .
I blurted out I want to watch so David tucked two pillows behind my back and leaned forward watching his black shaft in between my thighs then I felt his hot c*** head move in between my p**** lips and he began to rub it up and down my p**** slit until it was coated with my fluids then I watched closely as his c*** head pushed its way into me and I was holding my breath until he slipped into me and I took his shoulders in my hand watching his c*** sink into me I could see his depth by the ring of my fluids around his I as unable to move in this position shaft god he had a beautiful c***.
I was to excited and my nerves were so tight that I came very quickly as Davis had my buns in his huge hands pulling me onto his c*** with each stoke I came a second time just before David started cummng and he came silently with just his c*** head in me and his gace looked like he was in pain .
I felt giddy now and I started to laugh as I watched hic shaft pule as he cme god it was great.
I felt very comfortable now as David gasped for breath his c*** still pulsing in me as I watched then Ron came to watch and I felt bold my hair was hanging in my face and I probably looked a little deranged myself as David's c*** slipped out of me.
David slid backad I looked into Ron's eyes and he also looked a little strange as he walked to the foot of the bed and I was still perched on the pillows watching as Ron replaced David but with his head in my crotch and I was holding my breath wondering if he would do it or ot but then I felt his tongue and t felt so hot and I looked and saw a huge glob of David's c** on it.
with his tongue he probed deeply in me and I grabbed his head god it felt fantastic ie seamed so erotic I couldn't believe he was rally doing it but he licked me almost to another o***** before his jaw began to ache and he stopped Well it went on for another hour but that was the best of it.
Ron swallowed and went back for morh hs tongue

Jun 10, 2020

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  • My wife had affair yeas ago .but at times i get aroused thinking of them . love her to tell me about 1st time . what it felt like having another mans c*** inside he. was he better tha me .had he a bigger c*** . did she c** . did he go down on her . did she tell him to c** inside her . love to know. not in jealous way. it turns me on . i often f*** her then have w*** thinking of them . wonder she ever want 3some with him n me . i could watch him f*** her then he watch me make love to he .seeing she said i was only guy she made love to . lol women somefucking liars .

  • Lovely

  • I want my wife to do this!!!

  • I wished my wife would do this. Ron is a lucky guy.

  • Fantasyland!!!!!!

  • Maybe, but ever hear of swingers? This story is not at all impossible.

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