How many women would be willing & eager to have ** with 2 men (MFM **) if your lover and/or husband was willing to set it up for you? I'm asking because the offer was made, and I took him up on it. There were a LOT of butterflies going into it but once things got going it was some of the best ** of my life! I liked being naked with my lover in front of another, I liked the "other man" my lover chose for me, I liked 2 men all over me, all around me, on both ends of me ("skewered" I believe is the term) I liked everything about it . . . now I'm wondering if I'm a freak or is it more common than I imagine?

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  • Lol you're definitely not a freak... My gf/wife loved threesomes with me and my best friend. We all got really drunk one night, (she was only 19, and my buddy and I were 21/22), one thing led to another and the next thing I know is were all naked in bed swapping positions (spit roasting lol). I couldn't believe how many times we made her ** and yes we were high fiveing each other and smacking her **.

    So when we done, cleaning up all the ** and finding our clothes. My buddy just kept saying wow OMG that was awesome. He then says we'll have to get together again soon. She has this huge smile on her face and says "how about tomorrow night?". We all started laughing out loud because we thought she would have regrets.

    We ended up hooking up the next night and just about a couple times a month for the next 9 or 10 years.

    Best 10 years of my life!!!

  • Well. I did pretend to be open to that to see if my ex would accept it. Luckily she wasn't, otherwise she would have become single on the spot

  • This is a lot more common than you might think.

  • Done it a couple of times with my husband and his friend. A bit of a dirty thrill to have a ** in my mouth and one in my ** at the same time. ** af.

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