High school

My friend in high school was a girl. One day I was at her house, and she asked to look at my "d***". I agreed only if she would let me look at her p****.

We went into her room. She said "OK, let me see it"
I pulled my d*** out of my underwear. I had a good erection already.

Then I asked if she would touch it. See said "OK" then touched it with her mouth!!!

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  • When i was in high school Ive always never wear panties so I could purposely get up skirt. Give guys the thrill.

  • Smart girl.

    Almost my friends in jr high and high school were boys. I got so much c***. Those were the days!

    Now I’m 48 and married to the same man for 24 years. He has a nice d***. 7.5 inches long and almost 6 inches of girth.

    But I really miss the variety

  • I’ll just add a little motherly advice.

    When I was young I gathered a lot of experience. I learned that anyone with significant girth was painful. That is why I settled on my hubby.

    But I have to say if you want decades of enjoyment marry the man with the most girth you can handle.

    After giving birth to 3 children naturally my hubby’s 7.5 inches of length is still perfect, but I wish it were more than 6 inches of girth just is not enough to “fulFILL” me

  • Doing that long before high school

  • How dude just how is that even possible without getting caught

  • Mum and dad both worked so if no school I was home alone, I was allowed a little friend over to play and mum would lock us in when she left for work, we spent hours n aked discovering each others body

  • Awesome

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