High school

My friend in high school was a girl. One day I was at her house, and she asked to look at my "d***". I agreed only if she would let me look at her p****.

We went into her room. She said "OK, let me see it"
I pulled my d*** out of my underwear. I had a good erection already.

Then I asked if she would touch it. See said "OK" then touched it with her mouth!!!

Jun 15, 2020

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  • Oldest p*** plot

  • When i was in high school Ive always never wear panties so I could purposely get up skirt. Give guys the thrill.

  • Sweet girl...i use to make my gf take hers off for me in the car. Then toss them where i knew the homeless were. She would be so embarrassed but so h**** hot too!

  • Smart girl.

    Almost my friends in jr high and high school were boys. I got so much c***. Those were the days!

    Now I’m 48 and married to the same man for 24 years. He has a nice d***. 7.5 inches long and almost 6 inches of girth.

    But I really miss the variety

  • Can you ask hubby for an open relationship?

  • Wtf 6inches wide. Lmao

  • 6 inch circumference. Six inches wide would be impossible

  • Lol

  • I’ll just add a little motherly advice.

    When I was young I gathered a lot of experience. I learned that anyone with significant girth was painful. That is why I settled on my hubby.

    But I have to say if you want decades of enjoyment marry the man with the most girth you can handle.

    After giving birth to 3 children naturally my hubby’s 7.5 inches of length is still perfect, but I wish it were more than 6 inches of girth just is not enough to “fulFILL” me

  • Truth. I don’t have 6” of girth, more like 5. My wife once told me she can’t even feel me inside her. I’ve my entire hand up to my wrist up there, plus she had a few toys that are down right impressive in size and she takes em like a champ. It’s intimidating when my little guy goes in, because I want to be fulfilling to her but I know I’m just not.

  • Honey, your wife sounds amazing. I’m sure she loves you greatly.

    If you want to really blow her mind arrange for a couple of young black guys to pound her and watch her eyes when she sees those huge c****. She will be like a little girl in a candy store.

    Watch them pound her. They will stretch her and make her scream for more.

    Then while she lies there exhausted with c** oozing from her p**** and ass. Tell her how much you loved watching her and then go down on her and lick her clean!

  • Doing that long before high school

  • How dude just how is that even possible without getting caught

  • Mum and dad both worked so if no school I was home alone, I was allowed a little friend over to play and mum would lock us in when she left for work, we spent hours n aked discovering each others body

  • Awesome

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