U wanna grab it

I am 23 yo guy..while at home my aunt 43 yo came over i have not had any sexual attraction for her but abruptly my eyes went on to her b*** which was slightly peeking out...she caught me red-handed and said ' u wanna grab it dear' i was shocked and emabarrased at the same time...now every time we met she just do her sexual-bit, which is irresistable for me now..bcoz i caught her attention at my d*** ...i believe she is flirting with me....yesterday i got an erection thinkin about her and i m*********...should i s** with her since she is desperate to get a hold of my d***.

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  • She is your aunt. Try to find a girlfriend, go to a club, but you should probably avoid being alone with her in the future. And remind her of her place as your aunt.

  • F*** her dude I want to butt f*** mine with all my power.

  • h*** do your aunt and your mother...now that would be a fun night.....if you do your aunt you are just q****.....

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