Used my younger cousin

My cousin Beth is only 14 and she's a bit of a s*** sleeping around, she's happy to tell me all about her having s** which i have wanked off over and last week was the first time in 3 months that ive seen her,that day my aunt said it's nice that i came round to keep her company while she had to work but i only went round for one thing and that was to s*** her,when it was just us two i asked her how she managed not having s** all that time that got her talking about it and getting her tipsy helped with what i wanted as she's easy like that, talked her in to going upstairs to her mum's bedroom it's bigger and getting her to drink more she was nodding off, each time i would start taking her clothes off untill she only had her skirt which i got up around her waist and underwear on, when she woke up again still drunk i was between her legs naked myself about to take her underwear off,she laughed drunkenly and asked what was i doing and i told her that i was going to give her what she's been missing,she giggled and said ok and fell asleep again,that's all i needed ripped her underwear straight off and f***** her 3 times,I didn't want to be around when she woke up so i left that night she messaged and said you didn't need to get me drunk to do that.



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  • Not cool dude

  • There is nothing such as rape but people don’t know the technique. I am low life pervert i prey on a college girl while she was way back home. I stopped her on gun point took her to a isolated place tied her hands and started licking her vagin a. She went mad after some time and shooted a load on me and then she said put your dirty unhygienic d*** in all my holes. I hit the jackpot a few hours of fun i let her go but I didn’t filmed her that was my mistake which I repent

  • Raped hurts

  • Wait...... You "repent" for not abusing the poor girl even more roundly than you did????!!? Methinks you have thoroughly misunderstood the concept of repentance.

  • Holy smokes you opened my eyes

  • Who did? In what way? Tell us what you see now that you didn't see before. This is one of the very few posts here that have the potential to be interesting. Thank you!!!


  • Because it's easy work and there's plenty of money in it. ☺

  • I am making babies lol

  • M or F?

  • Doesn't matter, they'll all make up their genders and already hate their father because he won't be around for them and cursed them with ugliness and stupidity

  • No such thing as rape? Bobby Knight couldn't have daid it better himself.'re ALMOST as big an idiot as Bobby Knight. Be proud!

  • Dear trolls thanks for the lovely words. I would like to say i enjoyed myself alot and would do that again n again wish to f*** your mom this time

  • Quit molesting kids!

  • Sorry cant help it

  • Mmmmmm feels sooooooo good

  • I think I know you. Yeah, I raped your mother before you were born. You must be my kid. Dumb AF just like your momma was!!!!!!

  • Not cool i was raped m4 my s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Omg it hurts

  • She said the best part of you ran down her leg

  • Thats because yourdick was so small you couldn't get it in and shot on her leg

  • Pitiful. Really just b***** pitiful.

  • Yes. You are that and more.

  • So you must be around 90 years old Hi dad like father like son

  • Fake reply get a life low life

  • Why don't you go on raw confessions we all the idiots are!

  • I don’t give a f*** if ya all don’t believe I had an awesome and you losers are just jealous

  • What?

  • We don't need childish stories

  • Drop dead you SickFucking A$$hole You are worse then the dung hanging off a dogs A$$

  • I believe i have raped your mom as well so don’t hate me son i am your dad

  • Wrong, she told me about you and said yourdick was too small to go in

  • Son go ask her for DNA reports

  • You are a ASSWHOLE Keep dreaming you sickFucking nut stuck down in mommies basement.

  • I need your mom again

  • Idiot

  • I was raped b4 3 times it hurts

  • I bet you really enjoyed yourself

  • My s k y p is annie price 123

  • No its hurts

  • Only a bit then it feels so good taking a c ock

  • Drop dead pedo

  • Rape is always wrong

  • Smash your face in. Please use a shovel and when you are done with, that chop your nuts off.

  • Smash that tight c*** in again

  • My cousin did the same to me. I have ptsd abt him every day.

  • Then you have to put up with these nasty posts and replies condoning it. Well have fun going after these sick posts and vent on them. Hope doing that makes you feel better.

  • You have no room to talk after you admitted to boiling those kittens!

  • You raped her! You know that don't you. I hope she calls the police on you.

  • That was no rape! They made love to each other and hopefully they still are! They seem like a wonderful loving couple who really need each other.

  • He didn’t rape her. He wanted it!!!!! I would have done the same thing!!!!

  • Rape is wrong but nothing wrong with it if they want it, even under14

  • Rape? I don't think so

  • He got a 14 year old drunk to the point of passing out (getting her to drink more she was nodding off) right out of his story. That is rape

  • Not tape................LOVE.

  • Wrong. Then again, you were bragging on the other page about strangling your grandmother to death.

  • In the confession he says that she is tipsy so, still aware of what was happening. She clearly remembers what happened because she messaged him to say you didn't have to get me drunk to do that. So it's not rape although he should make sure she isn't drunk next time he had s** with her.

  • Exactly, if they are willing then enjoy the p ussy as young as you can get but never force or rape

  • That is rape! Even in your reply you wrote, " she messaged him to say you didn't have to get me drunk to do that". Makes it rape. Because of date rape drugs, laws have been written that if your intent is to get someone intoxicated enough to have S*E*X with them, Then that constitutes rape in the eye's of the law.

  • How many people have s** when drunk? This is never clear cut.

  • How many 14 year olds have s*e*x drunk? The answer should be zero. He never states his age but you have to be 21 to get alcohol so he raped her too.

  • If you haven't at14 < and want it I am interested

  • It hurts

  • I will make it feel good for you

  • Some laws are unrealistic like age of consent. Most people have had s** by the age of 16. I'm afraid that is just the way it is. My sister lost her virginity at the age of 13! and it wasn't me by the way lol we didn't sleep together until she was 18. Some laws will always be broken by the law of nature. I still don't believe this cousin wasn't aware of what was happening. Yes she was drunk but not drunk enough to not remember what occurred.

  • The laws are in place for adults not children. Most teenagers in America have s*e*x for the first time, have se*x*ual intercourse at about age 17. Those are real facts. If two 13 year olds have s*e*x thats legal and although young it is ok. If one forces the other then thats rape. Age of consent are to keep pedophilic's from going after children. A drunk 14 year old can't give consent by a mile. Kids can't handle alcohol thats why they have to be 21 to drink. And incest laws are there to prevent in-breading. I wouldn't be bragging I had s*e*x with my sister if I did. You come here and tell us. How about telling your whole family and all friends and see what they say.

  • This isn't about just America. It is about laws across the world where laws differ. Two 13 year old having s** is actually illegal. In Brazil the age of consent is 14 which I think is absolutely right and incest in Portugal and Spain and many more countries is legal between adults. These laws in America and UK are quite often unrealistic and no one takes any notice of them. Also, these laws are broken by people who should be policing them. Not all kids born from incest have defects and the number is actually very low. My and I had no interest in having children together and all wanted was a family with benefits situation so basically just s** for fun. She was on the contraceptive pill and we never had any pregnancy worries. Things aren't always black and white. I wasn't bragging about me and my sister but in light of our current conversation I feel it was worth bringing up. Maybe we will be more transparent about our sexual history when the time is right. Just because a law is in place doesn't always mean it's correct.

  • Just because a country doesn't have an incest law doesn't mean it is allowed. For a law to be made people have to do what is not right. Those countries there morals may be much higher than ours and yours. They don't have incest bad enough to pass a law banning it. I have never look at other countries age of consent, but if Brazil has 14 then if thats what you like then move there. Maybe thats because that adults there treat their children like children it's called morals. A 55 year old man, do you think the parents would approve of him breaking their 14 year old daughter in? If it was my daughter I would slit his throat! Here we have laws for everything because every law someone broke it. Maybe you will be more transparent about your incest? BullSHITT you won't speak of it to your family or friends. If I was you Brother I would pop you right in your mouth and never speak to you or your sister. If one of my friends told that to me They would no longer be my friend. You wren't raised with morals and decently to leave you sister alone and she had no dignity to resist you.

  • People are different and we all have different preferren

  • People are different and we all have different preferences. Not so long ago a Spanish brother and sister came out to their father said they were a couple on a Spanish TV program. There are many cases of GSA around the world. Incest is on TV programs such as Game of Thrones and Carnival Row. Just recently I watch a movie called A Simple Favour where the character has s** with her half-brother and has his baby. Whether you agree with incest or not, I believe that society is becoming more accepting to it and one day people will see sense and legalise it everywhere. How does it effect you that I've had s** with my sister? Shouldn't we just live and let live? Me and my sister are really positive about our past sexual encounters, so why have you got such anger towards me? In regards to age of consent of course a 55 dating a 14 year is not something I would like to see but just recently a soccer player who is 18 had to send his girlfriend home to Brazil because she is 15! And like your country it is illegal for them to be together which I think is sad. I still believe some are unrealistic and need to change.

  • 18 with a 15 year old gf is only 3 years age difference, I had one 13 yrs younger and a friends wife is 12 yrs younger than him, I really so not big issue as long as the girl is not forced

  • I don't care what you think it is illegal and that won't change. We have brother and sister admitting that they are a couple on tv. It's call the Jerry Springer show where everybody mocks them. Just as they should. You and your sister would fit right on the show. Go there and confess on that show. And leave the children alone

  • Me and my sister would never feel the need to go on an American chat show, what would be the point? I love the memories that I have with my sister and I'm glad I had that special time with her!!

  • And I would never touch a child inappropriately! But age of consent is different around the world and that is a fact! American law doesn't apply to everyone, thank god!

  • But you think it is ok to touch a 14 year old girl? I wouldn't touch an 18 year old for all the tea in China. I'm a grown man and don't want childish behavior in the bedroom. You boast here about you great incest love affair with your sister. Has I said let everyone know about it Be the poster couple about how incest laws should change. Fight for change if it is so normal! Be a man and stand up for your rights then. Two voices fighting for what is right. But you won't! You hide here and then tell all the perverts that your incest with your sister is , was great and it should be legalized. As I said you and your sister have no morals period. If you did you would be embarrassed about what you did and never speak of it again. Except to beg a priest for forgiveness so you both don't go to heII

  • I'm not religious and I would never talk to a priest! I personally would never go near a 14 year old. I will never be sorry for my past.

  • Thats just proof you have no morals. I don't have to explain anymore, they're people with common sense and there are a few that don't, like you.

  • Not everyone is of the same opinion as you, thank god! You are far too judgemental and need to open your mind to the real world rather than through a fake god's eyes.

  • 99% of the people think incest is wrong. You one precent think it is ok. I will stick with the 99%. You must be a product of incest to think that way. Is your granddaddy you daddy too?

  • No, I'm not a product of incest and I wouldn't be worried if I was! 99% figure is not factual. Try doing some proper research from around the world and you just might be surprised from what you find!

  • I did some research and remember that I stated it is wrong and immoral. Yes it is legal in some countries even in a few states here in the USA. However it is a DEATH PENALTY in 8 countries. Where it is illegal the punishment varies and that ranges from 3 years imprisonment to death including whipping, caning. In Muslin countries incest is punished by hanging men or boys by lifting them off their legs and tying a women or girls to a pole and stoning them to death. In both cases they suffer greatly. And you think my views are bad. I never stated you should go to prison of suffer death. Just that it is wrong and most people agree with that. And most of your family and friends would agree with me. And that you are not going to change.

  • I even did some more research and found a 2003 study from The MUSC Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Sexual Behaviors Clinic and Lab. They did a silent survey on incest. They found that 78% of the aggressors where male and the 22% where female. The reasons for the incest in 83% was lack of education or religious beliefs. They didn't teach about s ex to children. Of the male aggressors 81% felt remorse for what they did and 94% of women felt remorse for what they did. 77% said that it had a profound affect on their lives. Granted this was a USA study and when I say aggressor I mean who started it not rape. A silent survey means anonymous no names.

  • I can only base my opinion on my experience and what I've read myself. There is no doubt in my mind abuse does happen within certain families and unfortunately the victims are mostly children, which is completely wrong and I'm sure you would agree. All children should be allowed to be innocent and should NEVER have sexual activity with a family member or family friends etc. I think you miss understand me, yes I'm pro incest but I'm not pro abuse. When we discuss incest with anyone they always assume that people involved are young but that's not always the case. Me and my sister made a mutual decision to have s** when we were adults and took appropriate precautions to ensure that it was safe to do so. I understand if you are religious and you disagree with what we have done but I'm not religious. Incest is something that is often fantasized about by many and is human's best kept secret. We must stop denying that consensual incest exists.

  • First of all I'm far from religious. However I believe something created us and they call him God. You just ignored what I looked up and posted. And if you did read it, I said Incest exists. But once again I stated that the aggressor is the one who initiated the incest not raped them. Read them again. I was surprised them the numbers of those who regretted doing it was so low. And now I'm not really believing that you actually had s ex with your sister you are just pushing your fantasias at me. Because if you did you would have commented about the laws and the study.

  • You say you're far from religious but you believe that something created us and they call him god, that's called faith! So you are religious lol. Figures can differ from post to post. Remember these aren't figures from everywhere or everyone. Anyone can fiddle percentages. Like I said before I can only go on my own experiences. I'm not surprised that people the figures for people who regret incest are low because sometimes it is consensual s** and I'm sure feelings of regret are higher in abuse victims. I have commented on laws regarding incest around the world in my earlier posts and they are different around the world. Incest is happening whether people like or not and it's not always rape or abuse. Angelina Jolie and her brother were definitely involved and Noelia Rios and her brother Jose Rios were sexually involved with one another. They had almost nude photos done together in sexual positions. Whether you believe I was having s** with my sister or not is obviously up to you but I know I'm telling the truth. Look up Full marriage Equality on Google and you will see some interesting articles and case studies.

  • You are full of Bullshitt Just because I believe something created us doesn't make me religious. I'm not walking around with a bible and going to church every Sunday.
    Jun 13, 2018 - But Jolie and everyone close to her have dismissed any incest claims, noting that the two siblings have always been close, but never ...
    Noelia Rios and her brother Jose Rios where pics to provoke the media but both of them dismiss the idea of incest.
    As for full marriage Equality this is there mission statement.
    That Person but nonbinary people shouldn’t have to have a complex knowledge of the history of gender in every culture and scientific studies on gender vs biological s** and a history of all the neopronouns ever made and then be able to explain all of these to people we’re meeting for the first time ever in order to be respected and not misgendered. nonbinary people should be able to just go up to someone and give their pronouns and gender and have no one question it. we should not have to be scholars in a wide array of subjects and then have to articulate this to strangers in order to be taken seriously. thank you and have a nice day. It states nothing about incest.
    No you did not have se x with your sister. You threw a bunch of bullshitt here and it was not even true. Just what you thought. As I stated make a twitter account and post you had incest with your sister and then I will believe you.

  • I'm sure these people have dismissed the claims as they fear a backlash from the media and people like you. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Have you actually been on Keith Pullman's site?? You clearly haven't. Have a look and see what you think. It makes not odds to me whether you believe i was having s** with my sister. My sister and I know whats happened between us and we are ok with it. Are you that blinkered that you are going to carry on denying incest can be consensual between adults and people should have the right to choose their sexual partners? Seriously open your mind.

  • Quit killing toddlers!

  • It's got nothing to do with kids

  • No I am with the 8 countries that have the death penalty for incest. Get it. Go to those countries and have incest with your sister!
    You state they fear backlash as you state it is ok. Which is it? If it is sofucking ok then you, your sister and those celebrities would not have to worry about anyFucking backlash. Get it again.
    Promoting incest on this website but not in main stream social media is the wimps way out. And no I still think you are just fantasied by it and never done it. You are the same guy I argued with on and another post. Seriously get the fact in yourFucking head that the majority of the world believes incest is wrong!!!!

  • Obviously not everyone is ok with incest including yourself. Homosexuality has the death penalty in other countries so do you think that is as well? Homosexuality was very underground before it was legalized and it is the same for incest. I don't seek to promote incest, I give my opinion based on my own experience. You say the majority of the world believes incest is wrong, how would you know that?? That isn't a factual statement. Incest is everywhere, all over internet and on TV why? Because people are interested in it. I still believe every ADULT should have the right to choose their sexual partner or partners.

  • I sick of wasting my time on you. Afucking nut jobs Fantasias about s** with your sister. And homosexuality and incest can't be compared thats apples and oranges. But I'm not a fan of homosexuality either but I tolerate it. Tv and movies will spit anycrap that will get viewers and make them money. No incest will not be accepted in society never never so quit trying to change my mind. Go get a Facebook account and post there you love for your sister and let the real world reply. I don't care if you use a fake name just give it to me so I can see the replies. If you where so proud of incest, you won't need a fake name. Do that and post a real reply, Not this FUCKINGBULLSHITT you have been. And on the slim possibility that you had se x with your sister you will never know what is truly in her mind about what happened. Maybe she is the forgiving type and does not want to hurt your feelings. Or she is too afraid to speak her mind in fear of what might happen. I have been married over 30 years and would divorce her in a minute is she had incest and wasn't remorseful of it. And I love her with all my heart. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOUR SISTER REALLY THINKS ABOUT YOUR INCEST WITH HER AND THATS A FACT. Thats if you did have S ex with her. I don't think so and unless I visit you and your sister and hear it from her.

  • You can compare homosexuality with incest because they are both forms of sexual preference. I'm not trying to change your mind, I'm giving you my opinion and responding to your posts. I don't we could convince each other to change our views lol. It's not about being proud of incest, it's about being proud of who I am as a person. My sister is a very strong and confident person and like myself is very comfortable with our past. I can't you would divorce your wife if she was involved in incest in the past, that is ridiculous and you clearly don't love her as much as you think you do.

  • You can't compare them! One is deals with gender selection and the other deals with attraction of someone in the family tree.
    The reason I tolerate homosexualityy is the fact that heterosexuals brains are wired to look at the opposite gender to reproduce with. In homosexualss their brains are wired to look at the same gender. Thats something that can't be changed. It's like being born as one gender with the opposite genders brain. That is been seeing in cat scans and MRI's by activating the area of the brain that is responsible for Se xual reproduction. Females have a larger area than males and thats how they can tell that. That is also the reason for transgender dysphoria.

    You are heterosexuall and attracted to the opposite s**. You have ignored your morals and what society states is wrong for mental health and se xual reproduction. Thats your choice!!! You had l*** for your sister. We all can see someone that is attractive to us and l*** for them. But we have the ability to do what is right about it. Like not cheating on your spouse and not sleeping with your sister. And you did not do what is right. Everyone one us has that control and that is what separates us from animals!
    I still don't believe you and you are not going to change that.

  • Everyone has a sexual preference and that can be male or female, blonde or brunette, old or young and some are turned on by having s** with family. So in a way i believe you can compare incest to other sexualities. I have morals but they are different to yours. I just have different view on what's acceptable and what is not. I don't think me and my sister were wrong to have s** and we made a conscious decision to be intimate with each other. Neither of us have suffered from any negative effects from having s**, so i still see no problems in us having s** at all. We regret nothing and was our choice. Adult family members should have the choice whether to engage in sexual activity because its fair and right. It upto you what you believe and i respect your opinions.

  • First stop clicking the heart for yourself and don't tell me you aren't.
    A persons attraction to a gender is genetically wired that can't be changed but overridden If a person works at it. I would rather barf than have s ex with a man. It makes me nauseous at the thought.
    Yours is not! Yours was aFUCKING choice!! I have very hot female friends and family and I choose not to look at them Se xualy You have no morals you will stick your FUCKINGdick in anything that has a heart beat.
    Don't ever compare your lack of morals to homosexuality as they have more morals than you. These incest sickfucks fantasy and they are FUCKINGnuts and so is yours. I will aways respect homosexuals over incest lovers as they just as I can't help what gender they are attracted to. You make the choice. You choose to do something that the majority feel that is wrong never mind from a medical point. Go get a facebook account post it and read the replies.

  • I don't think you and me could ever agree on incest and I think that is something we have to accept. Like I said before I wouldn't change anything about my past and I'm so glad I was lucky enough to experience s** with my sister. I only have one regret that I never managed to have s** with my mum because given the opportunity I would I loved of had s** with her as well.

  • Also, what medical point?? If birth control is used what difference does it make? My sister was on the pill and never became pregnant once. You don't speak for everyone! Yes, there mixed views on incest but the majority are definitely not against it. Sexual preference isn't just about gender.

  • So now you want to have s ex with mommy! Thats it you are just trying to provoke me. You NEVER HAD S EX WITH YOUR SISTER YOU ARE JUST A SICKFUCKING PERVERT FANTASIZING ABOUT INCEST. And you learned to use another source so you can hit the heart twice moron. The medical does not look at s ex as fun the only look at it for reproduction and mental health. You are aSCUMBAG for yourFUCKUPED replies and you probably are aFUCKING troll that likes to provoke people. Post a reply if you want but I'm not coming back to look at it. SO 👆you 💩head.

  • Good. I think you are the troll from what I seen you post all over the site looking for a reaction

  • No you have got me wrong The reason I post is to sc rew up the sick replies so that as you and the other sickFucks pleasuring yourself's see my replies it werks you sessions. Oh I will still reply to your sick posts I won't argue with you anymore. You and that fatFuck of a sister of your's is just a sick dream. Your mommy is even fatter and more skanky then you sister. See thats how I will reply. And since you are a loser your replies won't upset me at all. Maybe one day you will give up on your sick fetish and leave that trash you call your mommy and sister alone. 🤢🤮💩head

  • You are the one who looks bad here not me. You say you morals? What a joke!

  • 😭 have a rotten day

  • Sorry terrible typing 🙄

  • Here is something more for you. Because of the ME TOO movement the following can now happen. Pray your sister never regrets or gets mad at you. if you had s ex with her.
    A lawsuit has been filed against Adam Savage, the co-host of “Mythbusters,” alleging that he sexually abused his sister when they were both young children.

    The suit was brought in New York by Miranda Pacchiana, who claims that Savage sexually assaulted her “repeatedly over the course of several years,” beginning when she was seven-years-old and he was nine.

    Just another reason incest is wrong!

  • Child is wrong and it's only right he should be punished if he is guilty. I know my sister doesn't regret anything that happened between us and I think it helps that we were adults. Sex was consensual.

  • You either don't read or have an educated mind. It is a civil lawsuit not a criminal action. Do you know the difference. They where both minors with in the age limits of the law. Do you think it was rape? No If it happened he took the older sibling advantage of her and they probably had fun while doing it. But when knowledge of incest came to her and the degrading part of it. It ate her all up and finally got the courage to speak out and do something about it.

  • I don't follow American news or media so I wasn't really aware of this case but thanks for educating me lol

  • I think some people are too quick to play the victim card.

  • YA THINK?? It's practically mandatory these days. I keep waiting for driver's licenses to have a space for the ways a person is victimized and oppressed and traumatized.

  • * Child abuse is wrong

  • And just one more thing! Adults have done somethings that they regretted so bad they committed suicide!! And I would bet the farm that incest is one of them.

  • I agree. There are many, many reasons why people commit suicide including rape, physical and mental abuse. Some people commit suicide because they are made to feel ashamed of their actions. All s** should be between adults and consensual.

  • But incest between adults have accrued and from some of the stories including the OP story. Intoxication may have been the key to it and when sober then the nightmare starts leading to suicide.

  • Having s** under the influence is always a little bit risky for anyone and your decision making can be questionable.

  • It's been good to debate incest with you but maybe tone done on the insults. We all have a right to an opinion.

  • Correction: It's been good to debate incest with you but maybe tone down on the insults. We all have a right to an opinion. ( Bloody phones!!)

  • Just kill yourself.

  • Nope, I will live a long and happy life unlike you 😁

  • No incest lovers get cancer it's well known.

  • Definitely a troll

  • Cool, as long as it is mutual and not forced I see no issue even at 13, the laws are outdated and most kids are sexually active long before 18 now

  • Agreed!

  • Young is nice

  • Not too young though

  • What's too young?

  • Anything below the legal age of the country you are in.

  • * Me and my sister had no interest in having children. Correction

  • What a crock of crap

  • So you got her drunk and SexuallyAssaulted your underaged cousin. Hope Bubba finds you well in prison and does the same to you.

  • She wanted it just as much as he did!!!!! I would have done the same thing!!!!!!! Bet it was f****** hot!!!!!!!!

  • Bet hercunt was real nice

  • She needs a god f*** - hard and long repeatedly till her c*** is sore for the next whole day ...

  • Dripping c um for a week, her a*** too


  • HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Definitely. I love family s**!!

  • Any young p ussy is good p ussy

  • Sick you are sick man

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