God gave you to me

For a brief moment to love and cherish.
You sent me waves of love that lasted a whole night,
But seems to linger on inside me,
For eternity.
Those ripples of love,
always remain with me,
As you will always be a part of me,
No matter where you and I go.
Our spirits will always be bonded,
And my heart will always ache for you,
knowing that you belong to someone else.
Why can't I just be happy,
with our special spirit connection?
Longing for you,
never seems to go away.
It is like a wound that never heals.
Perhaps, our love
is eternal because we always keep finding each other,
then missing each other so deeply.



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  • Biggest mistake of my life!

  • Girl bye

  • This is deeply felt and beautifully wtitten. Thank you for sharing it, and your love, and your talent, with all of us. You have a gift.

  • Thank you kindly, for appreciating my gift : )


  • Someone loves calling people names on this confession post.
    You obviously have no idea what the word LOVE means?

  • ^ OP ^

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