When the Romeo and Juliet phase dwindles,

You truly see the connection for what it is.
Respect and reverence for each other is paramount.
One cherishes the bond,
However, it does not confine us to the norms of relationships.
When you ‘let go’,
It is like being freed from what relationships should be.
We have each other,
For eternity.
Together in spirit,
Bonded for life,
I am you and you are me.



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  • When you meet your other half, it is no pleasure cruise. The connection is not exactly for the faint hearted. Imbeciles who come on here to judge are their own worst critic.

  • I won't argue, but will simply point out that, when the "phase" you referenced comes to an end, both of them are DEAD. The play isn't about romance: it's about self-delusion.

  • Whatever!

  • Quite dramatic
    Do you sparkle in the sun?
    Booga booga booga
    See I can write "poetry" too
    My butt itches
    Me so deep and soulful

  • I lol'd

  • What is wrong with you. No heart

  • What is wrong with OP. No brains

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