Thanks pammy

Yes i was watching the head of my 14 yr old c*** open up pammy's 6 yr old p****. Still the youngest i ever penetrated! F***** a lot of bald p**** girls and preteens who startf f****** by age 5! Ever have a mom's approval to f*** her daughterr bald p****?



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  • Reminds me when my aunt asked me to do her and her daughter

    Ah yes it never happened

  • Die please

  • Could she accommodate yours or how did you prepare her p****? Just wanted to know of your way to do it ...,,

  • Did a 5 year old when I was 13, used lots of lube.

  • Nice at 5 or 6, youngest for me is 8 she was nice and tight

  • Had a few 9s that wanted to but i chickened out.

  • Tagteamed a 9 year old in woods

  • Thinking ishould next opportunity

  • U won't regret it, just be gentle and make sure she has fun too that way they come back for more they lovecock

  • When you get caught you will regret it. For others prison time. If I caught you, you would regret it for the last 30 seconds of your life. The only good thing for you is you would never hear the bang.

  • Big talker on the web, typical loud mouth American needs a gun to solve his problems

  • Get it in her you will never have betterpussy

  • How is the p**** better?

  • In everyway, only one way to know for yourself

  • No thanks

  • Got lead?

  • SickFUCKING pedo Die a slow death.

  • That's gross 😝

  • Really? Nowadays 13 Year old girls have very developed bodies, Lol. Hahaha.

  • True

  • Yes I see my nieces at a beach haven’t Sean them for a few years was shocked as to how much the have grown up lol

  • Yeah, they grow quickly.

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