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My wifes cousin decided after a half dozen drinks that it would be a good idea to see if she could fit in a kids swing, She doesn't but in the process she got herself stuck, In a skirt and while also going commando. So...There she is stuck in this swing and my wife comes to get me, I walk up and...Bam, there is my wife's hottest cousin, Drunk, Stuck in a swing and flashing her bald b***** to about 4 strangers and now my wife and myself.
She was obviously very embarrassed and I said "I can get you out but you are not going to like it", The onlookers had all but one who was holding her from tipping over backwards had left and she said "Good f*** just get me out", She had one leg all the way through one leg hole and one leg half way through which made it so her whole gash was right out there and spread, I will say she has a very nice p**** and she keeps it completely bald.
I told the girl holding her up to lean her back and I got a full on view of a very nice little pink bum hole which I can say with some confidence does not look like she has ever had it f*****, I looked her in the eyes and said "You sure?", She said "just do it", I reached down between her legs and wrapped my arm right up under her so she was basically sitting straddling my arm with her warm, Wet p**** right on my bicep. I told my wife "When I lift her you are going to have to pull the seat down", I looked down at her p**** squishing on my arm and said "1, 2, 3" and lifted.
My wife's cousin and I locked eyes and her eyes got wide as she took a deep breath, I lifted her and my wife pulled down the seat while I held her, she looked down at her p**** all squished on my arm and I did also then we locked eyes, She closed her eyes tight and covered her face, When she was free I set her down and she spread her legs so I could pull my arm out, My arm was all wet and I wiped it off with my shirt, She was beet red and the other helper had already walked away, My wife's cousin looked at me and said "Sorry", My wife laughed as I wiped my arm off and her cousin said "My god, I think I came on your husbands arm" and then they both burst out laughing and stumbled off.
That night my wife and I banged and I lasted about 4 minutes, My wife said "Really? And why was that so fast, Were you thinking about meghans s*****?" I whispered "I will say she has a beautiful p**** and I even seen her butt hole which is just as nice", She said "you're a f****** pig" and rolled over.

Sep 20, 2020

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  • Ha ha, Same thing happened to my wife's little sister, We litterally had to cut her out of the swing though which took so long her legs were asleep and she basically had to be carried home and it took me, Her male cousin, Her uncle (Wife's dad) and my brother to do it.

  • Yes sounds hot but you do understand why your wife would be bothered ? Image her telling you your cousin has a nice c*** juicy c*** and that's why she came so fast. Some things are best left unsaid now she's not gunna like you around her cousin .

  • Well sounds like you need to leave a load in Meghan as well.

    Bet you can’t last two minutes in her

  • Be a great 2 minutes though!

  • Baldpuss is best she needs assfucking

  • Oink Oink happy corn hole fishing! :-)

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